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Bitcoin just hit a new low for the year Bitcoin is down about 77% 78% from their from its high I am buying consistently I'm still buying I like Bitcoin at this price for the long term I don't think bitcoin's going anywhere I think it is the only real safe option to store your own wealth that can't be taken away from you and again you want it to not be taken away from you which is why I talked about treasure there are links to this underneath a video but cold storage is the best way to hold it if you're holding on to bitcoin uh you're still holding on to something that will probably appreciate a drastic amount over the coming years I still think we have about a 10x even from right here into the next bull market I think we will see a bounce back in crypto in 2023 so really December is your last month to buy before that kind of change mentally uh where a lot of people are thinking crypto is going to look a lot better in 2023 and people are going to want to buy in before that

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