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then you’re watching cryptograph channel in this video we will talk about Bambi the bum coin price prediction and if you are new to my channel subscribe my channel and let’s come to the point guys the pump B uh a short name is a bum and this is a six hour from the polonix and the coin is crashing right now guys it is dumping again and again and again and continuously going down so why are you thinking that it could bumper I don’t find anything bullish or anything positive in this chart like you can see guys it’s very simple the coin launched coin goes up and Quan going down and down and down down just nothing so guys I’m I don’t know uh what’s gonna happen next because uh there’s a No Bully signal the cell volume is increasing and a lot of selling pressure that is making a more bearish to this bambique wine and there’s nothing good about this coin so guys thank you for watching my video and if you are here to buy this coin I will suggest you to stay away and find something good I will suggest you some good coins and next coming videos guys by which you can make a good money and have a good prayers and on that coin thank you guys subscribe my channel

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