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[Music] hey everyone this is James with WS trades.com I want to provide an update here on ticker bbig or vinco Ventures so how about a big move up here today you can see the uh on the daily time frame here the top of this candle is around 4.90 when the sellers kind of came in and stomped this thing out leaving a pretty good Wick sticking out um but even with this big pump right here uh I'm not buying it I'm gonna stay short I think fundamentally this company is garbage I think they're a scam they've been having trouble reporting financials to the SEC and a bunch of board members just quit I see a lot of people today getting all excited on stock twits talking about how this thing is going to hit ten dollars um you know I bet this thing hits zero dollars before it hits ten uh so I'm just gonna remain short and even if let's just say you know retail is able to pump this thing up and hit 10 I'm just gonna sell another call and just wait for this thing to delist you know we've seen this with so many companies um that I think endp I remember endp was a big one and everybody was piling into and wanting to pump they got delisted they hit the OTC avct was another one um that everybody was talking about oh there's going to be this nine dollar a share buyout and all this trash even though fundamentally if you look at what they're worth they're worth nowhere near the nine dollar Mark so I think this is just another scenario where we have a scam company a garbage stock people are trying to promote it people are trying to pump it um you know trying to get rich quick on one of these crazy explosions for me when I see explosions on garbage stocks and garbage companies like this I go short and I make a lot of money same thing with Redbox we kind of do with the csse buyout we already knew what the value of the red box shares were going to be and it was like a buck or less than a buck uh you know most of the time towards the end there the last few months where it was trading we kind of knew this thing was probably worth 50 cents or a dollar and it was trading at five dollars ten dollars fifteen dollars it was making these insane moves and every time I saw one of these stupid pumps like we're seeing here today I sold calls and I made out with a bunch of money so I'm going to continue to do that here I'm going to continue to short uh be big and just wait for these guys to just screw it up like they keep doing I know recently too they had to do a reverse split so you know we just continue to see the typical uh penny stock behavior of reverse splits dilution you know shareholders are getting screwed over while this company is paying their CEO 450 000 a year uh to run a scam company so I'll continue to keep you updated on ticker bbig or eventco Ventures please like this video please also subscribe to the channel if you're not subscribed hit that notification Bell

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