Bill Gates On Tesla – The REASON For His SHOCK Admission (Video)

Tesla being so far ahead though does it uh somewhat eat away at the case for like a basket of exposure like the car ztf though I mean uh Tesla up 150 percent on a year I mean look it's still trending down from its all-time record but if you're in Tesla you're happy if you're in basically any other EV or in a basket you're kind of like uh all right I'm hanging in there on the year because the rivian and the others are all dragon it's Tesla's talk about the surge with the recent Revelations on the Tesla semi join us as we analyze pepsico's fresh data and what it signals for potential investors PepsiCo just revealed some new data about the Tesla semi and it's keeping the whole Auto World buzzing Tesla first announced its semi truck in November 2017 and production was set to begin in 2019 however like the Cyber truck and Tesla Roadster the project got delayed although companies like Walmart FedEx City Furniture and JB Hunt Transport Services had at some point claimed they'd made reservations on the vehicle fortunately in 2022 Elon Musk disclosed that the semi truck could be ready to hit the market anytime soon with initial delivery set to be made to Pepsi on the 1st of December and a follow-up statement made by Pepsi showed that the company stated that their trucks will support both its Frito-Lay plant in Modesto California and its Pepsi Beverage plant in Sacramento after several months in Pepsi's Factory this company now has fresh data about the Tesla semi's performance and the figures are pretty impressive absolutely I mean and you can sort of Imagine That Tesla could use this route to ship Parts and batteries and goods between its various facilities here in North America but it's also you know the route kind of goes from Laredo through you know through the Phoenix area and then Southern California and then up to Fremont uh interestingly it stops in Compton and in Bakersfield there's a big kind of push to Electrify um you know Electrify in in neighborhoods that are low income and so that you know the bite Administration is very very aware of the impact of diesel fuel on Port communities on low-income communities and so the the cities that are chosen are sort of interesting from that perspective as well Donna you're completely right that the electrification story is just as much about commercial vehicles it is the Consumer Car what do we know about the production plans for the Tesla semi well interestingly I mean they have been very slow to kind of get these vehicles out um you know they made a big show of kind of turning over their first vehicles to Pepsi and Frito-Lay and you know that company is definitely using them and piloting them and running them but in the last earnings report Tesla uh in its deck said that the semi is still in Pilot production and so um you know it's going to be quite a while I think before we see these at a massive scale I think Tesla is still learning a lot uh I think the the battery size is still a question for a lot of people like how big is this battery there was a recall earlier this year so they're still they're still kind of working out the Kinks which is smart right you don't want to like make a ton of car make a ton of Class 8 trucks and then have to recall them so I think it's just a very slow process Tesla semi is on the verge of transforming the trucking industry with its impressive range cost savings and environmental benefits is set to become a dominant force in the arena of commercial transportation by introducing the Tesla semi Tesla reinforces its commitment to sustainability and this aligns with the company's mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy resonating with eco-conscientious investors and consumers for Tesla this move diversifies its business and even much more it reinforces its position as a leader in sustainable Innovation hey guys welcome back to Tesla tomorrow this latest data from the Tesla semi team is specifically from a demonstration called run on less which is done by the North American Council for Freight efficiency and it focuses on new electric trucks performance in real world conditions although there's still a few weeks to go the stats displayed on the demo site which pits electric trucks against each other on various efficiency metrics are making the Tesla semi look pretty good so in this this video we're going to discover why this latest data says a lot about Tesla on an auto company level in addition we're also going to explore why the Tesla semi is placed to take over the trucking industry and why this is going to be a big deal for Tesla so let's get on with it but before we do if you like this type of content hit that like button subscribe and don't forget to turn on post notifications to keep up to date on everything going on with Tesla unveiled with much anticipation this all-electric class 8 semi truck packs impressive features that are reshaping the trucking landscape in fact as the data from the first day of the independent study shows these electric trucks were able to travel a maximum of 545 miles total 377 of those being on a single charge one of the Tesla semi standout features is its remarkable range with an anticipated range of over 300 miles for the base model and even more for the long range one this truck is ready to tackle long-haul routes very efficiently the Tesla semi could be a game changer for a few reasons first up cost saving alongside the vehicle's performance and speed cost savings are a major selling point for the Tesla semi and with lower operating costs compared to traditional diesel trucks companies like Tesla can expect significant reductions in their total cost of ownership over time likewise the Tesla semi is no slouch when it comes to Performance and it boasts impressive acceleration even while hauling heavy cargo which can lead to quicker delivery times and more efficient operation in the past there's been quite a bit of criticism about the semi in 2020 the world's former richest man Bill Gates made some rather discouraging comments about it in a blog post where he claimed that all electric semi trucks like the Tesla semi would probably never work because their batteries would just be too heavy here is something else though and it's a totally different story in an era of growing environmental concerns the Tesla semi offers a cleanup more sustainable option for Freight Transportation as it aligns perfectly with the global push for greener practice accesses also it's expected to operate on Tesla's supercharger Network which supports long-haul Trucking by providing fast and convenient charging options along major routes and this is going to be a key feature for Tesla semi's success Tesla is planning to build more charging stations for these trucks and the Chargers are expected to produce more than a megawatt power and available to all Tesla semi-owners for them to charge their vehicles according to musk these high-powered charging stations will not only be available for drivers of the semi but also the Tesla cyber truck drivers as well they'll be able to plug into the megawatt supercharger to charge up their trucks now let's discuss why the semi-truck is a big deal for Tesla as a company first up it diversifies Tesla's product lineup Beyond just passenger cars by opening up new markets and revenue streams as more companies Embrace electric Freight Transportation Tesla stands to gain a significant share of this market and it's a big wallet that similarly as we mentioned it aligns perfectly with Tesla's mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustained energy even analysts have made several statements that support that claim in a press release Kelly McCoy would McKenzie research analyst and Report alter noted that the increase in electric trucks could provide notable reductions to Transportation emissions and according to her compared to passenger EVS the electric bus penetration levels the electric truck Market still has huge levels of success in its sights but it's still in its infancy and it's still going to expand further in the future she also added that while medium and heavy duty trucks are the second largest contributor to U.S Transportation emissions much of the emissions reduction efforts thus far have centered on new diesel Technologies and hybrids rather than pure electrification similarly us-based energy analysts wood McKenzie also recently conducted an analysis of the country's budding EV Trucking segment and the results were very optimistic and a bit conservative especially when Vehicles like the Tesla semi considered and the firm expects the electric truck Market in the U.S to grow over 54 000 units up to by 2025 adding that this figure is still quite conservative the Tesla semi is already raising positive comments globally so it could be expected that the car company is going to produce more of this truck in the future considering that the Tesla semi is poised for volume production it will be surprising if Tesla only makes a conservative number of the vehicle until 2025. but what are your thoughts on the Tesla semi's potential impact on the trucking industry let us know down below and hit that like button subscribe and turn on post notifications for this Channel and if you want to know more about what Tesla's been up to over the last few days go ahead and click on this next video on your screen see you there