what's good what's good welcome back to invest in trade with Jax just going to quickly update Bitcoin with that uh small dump we just had because there's a couple possibilities sitting at 26.6 down two percent market cap five fifteen billion 25 volume 15.12 billion um so as you can see we've just seen a little bit of a dump now this can still be the wave two it could be that we pushed up in a one a b c into a two that's your bull scenario if we break 29.2 k then that's when we can focus on the bearish wave count and for the bearish count what you would look at let me take this FIB out is there's your way one down that's a two potentially coming down in a three four five now it could be an ending diagonal but if we just drop down impulsively here 1.618 Target 25.8 k ush up in the wave four come down to the wave five take it down to about 22 25.2 20 25.4 complete that wave five and then see that large continuation to the upside that is possible and the key level to watch is 26.2 K because once you start to break below that it becomes unlikely that this is a wave two and we can focus on the bearish scenario all right gang just a quick update with that little dump here uh we are currently in a trade for Bitcoin um as well as for a couple other altcoins and I give signals for those in the Discord you can sign up to either Bick it or buy it grab those bonuses and then email me or sign up email and I'll give you a 30-day free trial to my signals analysis crypto news all that types of good stuff over 2000 members posting chart patterns talking all things crypto all right guys that's it for this one smash the like button see you later much love take care