Bitcoin Technical Analysis! BTC Price Prediction Today (Video)

100 sure guys BTC will be rise up now from this position definitely we will receive my friend as a confirm breakout and my brothers confirm it will be reached my business our price Target let's discuss what is the next price target of Bitcoin but remember if you want unlimited VIP signal join Matrix because I provide a crazy crazy signals also freemium available and also free available so join now the link is in the description check it out my telegram group my brothers as you can see here this time BDC price was completely rising up you can see here from this position and definitely we will see a short pump but it was stuck in from this position this is a very very strong relation line you can see here absolutely we see a break out from this position definitely we will see a huge pump and Bitcoin okay guys so wait for my friends confirm breakout don't take any entry before my fitness confirm breakout or breakdown rather also if we see a breakdown we will take a short position or don't vary my weather possibilities to BDC price will be great down reference to 25k okay guys but absolutely if it will be reached by 27 200 this is confirmed versus BTC will be easily reach out 30k okay guys thanks for watching guys hope you enjoy video please like subscribe and join Telegram