BNX Coin Price Prediction Today! BNX Coin News Today (Video)

bnx token holder so this is the confirm my friend twist time you can see here it was the turning point and definitely my friend when I see my friends confirm my friend's return of course I take a long entry in right now you can see here it was we reach out to resistance line also break so definitely it is a crazy trade now my visit if you are not in Long position of course whether you again also take a long entry here now because remember it is out from this Zone and this Zone from Ross but it's weak it was stuck here and now but right now it finally it was break and it will be rise up like a rocket so if you are taking long position here now and bnx token I think you will be gonna good now okay guys what is the next price Target what is the next price Target this is really really important now so definitely I will tell you but before my friend I will start this video I recommend you to join my telegram group for unlimited VIP signal and also we have a variable premium VIP signals now so join the link is in the description guys as you can see here bnx for price will be rising off my weather and of course when the price was moving up like or like that then of course that's me to very very strong volume so this time you can see here this is the volume so remember when volume was uh strong of course parameters price will be rising up now so right now in Market if we look our B in X condition so it will be going good now and I hope I'm sure my videos too we will be CB and X my weather easily in [Music] 0.8201 USD okay guys thanks for watching guys hope you enjoy video please like subscribe and join for uh join telegram for my call on telegram thanks for watching