BOBO COIN Price Prediction u0026 Analysis | Today Market News Update (Video)

guys Bobo want to go more down okay it is still bearish and there is a no power in this coin so guys you are new to my video and watching my Channel first time so I will request you to subscribe my channel because this channel gonna make you a lot of money and will help you in your trading strategies and trading career day to day trading updates we will share and let's start the Bobo chart prediction and you can see guys the coin is breaking its trend line and I have shared the uh scenario in my recent video that it can go down to this level and have some consolidation toward uh 2082 or 8000 level and then we can go back about twenty four thousand twenty three thousand okay so guys there's uh around of 200 gain from this level but this coin is not holding that sport this sport is very crucial and we may go down back to the 6000 or 65 000 and level and and again we can pump from this Zone guys here you can see this would be the another scenario I'm sharing okay but eventually we will go high to this level guys this is very much possible and expected scenario the scenario I am updating right now because there's some changes in the in a market structure and this is the updated scenario the the purpose of making video about Bobo coin uh is that uh to update with you our latest scenario guys okay so if you are trying to buy at this port I will suggest you to avoid buying this coin at this level because I haven't seen any proper bullish signal and uh once we see a reversal pattern formed on the chart I will share you will let you update so this was the uh this is the expected this is the expected uh reversal pattern I can see uh you can have that reversal pattern on the chart once we see we will buy okay but still there is a not a good time to buy guys so thank you for the quick prediction about abobo point and hope you like my video subscribe my channel