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bullish on EV makers like Tesla we've we've heard some on the street call out and say that Tesla is now an AI play do you believe that to be true and and has Tesla disclosed enough of how much it's willing to spend on artificial intelligence at this point for you well it's really nice that everybody's into AI but this has been going on for a long time you know AI development videos and other top investment in my fun GK along with Tesla as our top investment and so it's been a really good year for us at GK but you know when you look at teslaud is an AI company where it's solution it's not only an AI company but its solution is autonomy or having cars drive themselves so this is a much more difficult AI solution than let's say generative AI getting it to tell you you know how many you know stocks are in the S P 500 or something you know which is 500. so you know it's it's kind of like

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