boom bam back p with another video we got some levels for you guys I'll go over AMC Tesla stock as you guys know AMC is having some pull down today we'll go over Tesla stock Tesla stock getting some pull down we'll also go over the SP 500 it's getting pulled down to day too after it hit that resistance level that I gave you guys to be watching out for almost literally hit it perfect again today four days at that level that is a sign so just make sure you stay tuned we'll probably go over Sofi pal tier as well and all your concurrent levels so smash the like button and subscribe if you are new let's get this video over once this video gets over a 100 likes your next video will come out on all new levels okay so if you get over 100 likes today I'll post a video tomorrow or maybe I'll post a video Sunday it all depends on you once this video gets over 100 likes okay so smash the like button once you do that next video will come out AMC AMC had the target of $111 while I told you AMC would go what happened after that pull down why is that because the target was hit so I am still looking for that $99.50 as a buying pressure area but this Target price now is going to go up to about 1150 I do think AMC needs more pull down it's been up literally every day as I've been telling you guys it's been hitting those targets but now I feel like it does need to pull down some right around that $950 area that's a support but that's also a buying level but we also have a resistance level at about $10.50 that you want to be watching out for as well okay so those are your new levels for AMC we'll kind of see how it closes today if you guys get the video over 100 likes today I'll probably post a video today but maybe tomorrow okay but those are your concurrent levels for AMC let's go over Sofi stock real quick it is breaking that support level if we go down to the F minute chart you can kind of tell how it's breaking it it came back up tested as resistance and it's starting to fall down a little bit more so what we want to do is we want to change the support level down to about $8.20 now right that's our new support ticker symbol s o fi new support $820 let's see how it kind of reacts off this this $820 Mark we also have a resistance we do have one at N9 but we have one closer at about $8.50 so we'll see that needs to break first then that might be the sign to go ahead and get in but again I'm very bearish on the market there's nothing really bullish about this Market I kind of hope Sofi goes down to the $6 Mark and I'm thinking this might just be a normal retracement higher and then start to break down usually Sofi has like two legs one leg two legs then it breaks one leg two legs so it might start breaking again but we'll see but kind of watch out for these concurrent levels paler tick pltr is getting very close to a buying level okay I had a buying level right around like $17.50 that I didn't put on the level and that's kind of activating today right in this area right here okay so I want to see how it kind of performs today if it starts breaking up past like 1790 or so I might start to get some ptin sharers it's kind of like a defense play with the war stuff going on as well make sure you watch that video before this one I I give you all my top defense stocks I'm looking to get but paler still the same levels but I just like how it's kind of moving in this area we'll kind of see but nothing really has changed with paler but I am thinking about maybe getting it today or maybe most likely on Monday since today it actually hit the buying level but it still needs a little more push to really just activate it then the sp500 tier symbol spy make sure you're watching this stock every day you're on the market I actually took my first loss today out of two weeks two weeks today was my first loss on Amazon I think I lost about 10 or 12% on it even though the play was probably right um but yeah so I did take my first loss today make sure you join the team I'll show you the wins and losses make sure you also follow me on Instagram will. knowledge please make sure it's the right one and if you want me to teach you personally WN knowledge7 Center Sunday the team will close so make sure you if you want all my stock buys um we got elite elite year lifetime memberships personal training you could you can also do afterpay with lifetime memberships and Elite year as well so whichever one fits you the best but we got two support levels on the spy and we got resistance at 4 436 what do you see hit resistance today on the Spy that 436 area and what did we get pull down okay so I don't think the Spy really wants to go up the only way I turn back bullish on spy is if we break this 436 level and leave it right if you can tell it hit this level four days in a row one two three four and never wants to break it okay so just be mindful of that I think we might be breaking down to these support levels and seeing more pull down okay just be mindful of that and kind of watch it let's go over Tesla stock Tesla stock is at that support level at about 256 kind of stalled out around there a little bit today almost tested it yesterday as well stalled out a little bit I think we will be seeing some more pull down on Tesla which is amazing because I really want Tesla around that 220 is area which would be amazing that's when I'll load the boat up but I want to change the support support now is about 252 on Tesla I'm going consider that 256 level already broken so watch that 252 level of support on Tesla stock and we'll kind of see how it moves resistance level is still around 265 or so but I think we are will be coming back down testing that support and actually starting to break that down a little bit Apple stock nothing really on Apple I don't really see any clear levels it's kind of just moving up probably on its own but just kind of watch out for Apple stock um I don't think I don't think we're going to be going up too much higher on Apple stock but could be wrong so we'll kind of see how it moves also don't forget about United Airlines U it is breaking that support level so be mindful down here I want that support level to break because we're going to have a new support level but also a strong buying area at about $38 now remember what I told you guys when I'm looking out for U it mimics something and we need support right it builds support it runs build support it runs build support it runs I'm looking for that next area of support that's when I'll go heavy on shares and call options to get that next run up but we got to wait till like Market structure breaks and so forth once that happen I'll try to let you guys know as fast as possible but I'll probably let the team know first so make sure you join the team first that description okay but other than that thank you guys for watching the video any other stocks you guys me to go over make sure you let me know in the comment section down below and always remember not recation of our so anything just for educational purposes only so do not trade anything you see here in the video catch you guys in the next one bye