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welcome back to my another video in this video we will discuss about the by Tesla stock on and atoro in this we will we will discuss about all the details of my Tesla stock on it Arrow as in AI language model I do not have the capability to interact with external websites or perform Financial transactions however I can guide you on how to potentially buy Tesla on a tab there is a popular social trading platform that allows user to invest in various financial instruments including stocks series comedies or any more to buy Tesla stock on it Arrow follow the journal steps create an entire account visit the attire website and sign up and for an account uh you will need you will need to provide some personal information and verify your identity deposit fund after create an account you will need and to deposit fund into your attaro account you can use various payment methods like credit debit cards Bank transfers or a violet to edit mine search for Tesla stock once your account is funded use the search bar on a taros platform to find Tesla or Tesla which is a Tesla stock trick Assemble such talk information before making the purchase review essential information about the stock such as the current price historical performance and any relevant news place an order when you are ready to buy Tesla stock click on the trade or buy button associated with that last stop please play Let's see at least stream enter the amount of quality of a Tesla stock you wish to purchase double check the order details including the total cost and any Associated fees confirm purchase if anything if everything looks good confirmly purchase to execute the order please note that inverse investing in stock s carries inherit inherent rate and the value of your Investments May perculate before making any investment it's an essential two-year research understand their ways and considered your financial goals additionally a Tarot services and availability may vary based on your location and I recommended checking their website on or contacting their customer support for the most up-to-date information on account creation funding and stock trading the stock trading on their platform thank you for listening and watching our video hope so this video is full of productive for you people for more videos you can visit my channel goodbye take care

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