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ability have already launched the dolphin in Australia and in a few other countries including Singapore and now we've got Thailand they're going to launch it in Europe and the UK so I thought you guys might get an idea what the price will be by seeing what the prices are in other countries hello my friends welcome to the channel byd they are going to take Thailand by storm they already are with one model when I was in Thailand for just over four months I saw 803s I mean so many times I lost count I was seeing groups of them people are just buying them as a group it's like I don't know mates friends families what's that I'd see like five of them rolling around in Holiday locations 803 is really popular but I think the dolphin will sell even better because why it's very cheap it's cheaper than a Toyota Corolla in Thailand it's cheaper than a Toyota Corolla in Thailand that is pretty amazing then what does this mean well it means that people in Thailand that already want to buy electric cars they know that their cities are just completely polluted by diesel fumes which they are really really badly in fact Bangkok is one of the most polluted cities on the face of the planet a big part of that reason is because people in Thailand have been buying diesel cars it's the predominant fuel of choice therefore they're trying to move away from that a lot of people are aware of this fact that their health is being affected they're buying EVS they wanted these because they're better cars anyway so that often how much does it cost in Thailand in Australia it costs 39 990 Australian dollars that equates to 26 700 US Dollars it's a pretty good price 26 700 US dollars I mean to be honest the mg4 in my opinion at the base level of that price across that price in Australia as well is a better car it doesn't matter though the dolphin is excellent however it's significantly cheaper I mean way way cheaper in Thailand it's the same car they're both right hand drive meaning it's going to be made in the byd specific right-hand Drive Factory by the way byd are building a new Factory in Thailand to build EV specifically for right hand drive car markets like the UK Australia Thailand Japan Etc so the price in Thailand is 19 880 US Dollars meaning it is seven thousand seven thousand US dollars or around ten thousand Australian dollars cheaper for the same exact model in Thailand yeah byd will sell every single one of these that they can make when their new Factory comes online in Thailand we'll be getting those cars Australia and New Zealand and probably other countries like UK and Japan will be getting those cars coming from that factory in Thailand and they've got to be priced probably around this price I think lithium-ion phosphate battery pack in these cars for 20 19 700 US dollars now is that more expensive than China it is the same car in China costs 16 000 US dollars as you can see byd the dolphin is now I believe it was the second best-selling electric car in China last month I'm talking purely electric here not plug-in hybrid just purely electric I think the dolphin was the second best selling it very close behind very close behind the Tesla Model y dolphin more than likely will be the second best-selling electric car in the world next year that's what I believe I've said it a few times before I'm sticking with it let me know your thoughts in the comments and thanks for watching

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