BYD Stock (Boyd Gaming Corporation) BYD STOCK PREDICTIONS! BYD STOCK Analysis BYD stock news today (Video)

till the end of this video You're Gonna know everything regarding technical analysis price predictions focus on our looks on byd so make sure you keep watching till the end and everything is going to explain the next one minute so byd is sitting at 60 dollars and overall this past week has actually been kind of we have been kind of bleeding six percent down this was my previous prediction right I had two scenarios the first one was expecting just continuations which we didn't have and the second one was to the dot downside bullish beautiful and this is the proof it was made seven months ago it's crazy yeah so let's just copy this link because as you can see right now right you see I always had the vision to be delivered higher and what's not next looking from a broader perspective we're definitely kind of coming from a deep Point somewhere in these let me just paste the link Pi chord this could be the demand daily brush you can referring to let's go two weeks yeah most definitely I like how this is actually sitting here if I start to see the confirmations I'm definitely bullish so I'm going to put a wait time right here again this is strategy that I've been using over the last seven months that has got me 400 plus wins you can check how the all the proofs and everything okay all the wins and everything if you want to learn my strategy check out the first link in the description