Can SHIBA INU Coin Rally Continue? (Latest Shiba Inu Coin Price Analysis) (Video)

a hundred trillion ship spilled on the Bulls will Shiba inu's rally continue that is what we're going to talk about guys in this video as you can see I'm not at my desk I am out and about I am currently in Niagara Falls so uh saw the Falls yesterday I'm going up uh going to some wineries today absolutely love it heading to Toronto tomorrow though so make sure you guys are locked in you're not going to want to miss any of the content we put out from the conference of course but let's talk about the price a little bit because a hundred trillion shib spilled on bulls what does this mean well into the block our friends over there uh they always do a phenomenal job at breaking things down for us into the block shows a staggering 100 trillion ship are circulating around the present price range well what does that mean why should we care we're going to talk about that there's a ton of volume right now and there's a lot of transactions happening at this current range and it could suggest the possibility of a significant resistance level however we could still break that resistance level if we get some really huge Catalyst this week which we're expected to do so now the intricacies of into the blocks indicator can author a glimpse into the mindset of Shiba Inu token holders so a simplified version is this for every address that has a token balance the indicator computes the average price of what these at which these tokens were accumulated at and we could start to get percentages of okay 30 of shib holders started accumulating in this range or 40 started accumulating at this range and what does that give us well by comparing this average cost to the current price it can determine if the address is quote in the money or quote out of the money are they in profit or are they at a loss and sometimes once people get over a profit slightly they go ahead and retrace or take profits along the way this Insight is very very valuable when a significant number of addresses are quote in the money it signifies that many holders holders have purchased at a lower lower price point excuse me as a result they might be motivated to sell and take some profits along the way now here's the thing with chip that's a little bit different there are Traders for sure right there are traders in the ship but a lot of them are looking for long-term gains a lot of them are looking for big gains down the line so a lot of them will not be taking these small 10 15 20 profits right some will in fact if you are a Trader or you'll want to become a Trader you're looking to make those 10 15 20 profits right it's not a guarantee but if you're looking to do so I'm going to have a new indicator coming out it's going to be mine I can't wait uh it's really really close to launching guys I've been using it for a while you guys see me use it it's called XT algo it's going to be live here very very soon I'm going to offer it at a discounted price for everybody on the channel because I want everybody to become a better Trader I've really put an emphasis on that myself especially when the bear Market hit right because we were all Geniuses during the bull run but when the bear Market hit those 10 20 gains that you can get on trading are pretty nice and uh the indicator fires some really cool signals and again that'll be available to everybody but the price projections for shib right now we have a resistance level at the 1160. okay this is where we could face some big turbulence 1160. we were unable to kind of sustain it once we recently got over that we're going to see if these catalysts can carry us above that 1160 this weekend or this week and maybe into this weekend and hopefully we can get above that I'm still eyeing that 14 15 range eventually where we were back in February that would be great to get back there we'll see if we can do it I appreciate you guys so much don't forget to smash that like button down below and subscribe we'll see in the next one peace