Car Expert Says: (Video)

I don't like the fact that there's only um they're only making it in Texas in one in one giga fact they should make it in in multi in in at least two different locations the demand for this truck I mean this is just pre-orders I think right now it's 1 and A2 million pre-orders three and a half three and a half I don't I mean I don't even know how three and a half but they already have this much at pre-orders without the vehicle being on the road without people test driving without people seeing it once it comes on the road and people see it and their friends tell about it I think realistically I think 1 and 1 half to 2 million pre-orders will get cancelled but even though that leaves you with like 1 and a half to 2 million uh pre-orders legit pre-orders but I don't think they would need more than uh Giga taxes really they wouldn't sell it in the UK I guess for it's a limited uh market for it's it's huge like you can buy it in the UK but good luck driving it good luck driving it uh that's why you don't see uh Ford Raptors in the UK yeah that's true two cabin for drops uh that's why you don't see uh Suburbans TMC Suburbans that's true uh and for those who are watching Kuwait is big on pickups there's pickups everywhere uh they love their pickups here they really do I could see has a 2023 Ford dror there we go landing here no no it's not here yet and I have a cyber truck on order and I convince him to get a cyber truck on order but he was like H I need a pickup now so he went for the yeah for the orange Ford dror but we can drive it here the streets are wide enough I don't think that's the case in many countries so I think Giga Texas would be able to supply especially with the Giga presses that I think the the production process for the Cyber truck would be quick it's easier to Pro it's easier to manufacture a cyber truck than to manufacture uh a model y really and I know for a fact that every 40 seconds now Giga Texas is pushing one model y yes so how many and that's ramping yeah and that's ramping that that's not that's not the full capacity if the Cyber tuck is easier to produce what's the production rate how big is the production line I don't know uh I can get that information but I think gig Texas would be enough because I think it would be manufacturing for mainly for the US some for for Australia okay some for Europe and some asan a little little amount for maybe Middle East and Asia well the second Market biggest Market to uh us is Thailand did you know that for pickup trucks yeah midsize pickup trucks no the big guys the big guys yeah it's Thailand I think it's Thailand from that I'll double check on that but I think it's Thailand Thailand has the second most uh pickup truck next to the US