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we examine why you just need 48 Tesla equities to become a millionaire since the company's stock price has dropped and its Shares are currently the topic of much discussion the company's stock is currently trading at $944 and whenever it drops below $1,000 a lot of people buy it in the video we'll go into greater detail about it we'd examine Tesla's financial performance from the end of 2021 to the start of 2022 with the help of a merit trade TD and other prominent analysts 5-year projections we also attempt to examine what lies ahead when is the ideal moment to purchase Tesla shares how much Tesla stock can I buy without risk in today's video we address these queries as well as others a corporation stock price changes according to the news the company releases many people hedge their Bets with the Electric Vehicle Manufacturer because Tesla ended the previous year on a strong note and appears to continue strong in 2022 leaving many wondering what 2022 has in store for the company when Tesla announced that it delivered more cars than expected in 2021 the market went into a frenzy stock price as skyrocketed and Tesla talks seemed never ending with such a strong start Tesla has shown promise that it will dominate this year as well of all the most popular and widely discussed stocks on the market Tesla seems to take the lead it appears even more so now in several online discussion forums where many people wonder if it is indeed a great idea to B on Tesla it appears that Tesla is set to have enormous earnings despite the company's many problems such as supply chain disruptions in vehicle recalls the company still managed to finish well it's not by accident or the whim of the wind that Tesla's stock is soaring Tesla is anticipated to have a very profitable year in part because its high valuations will prove to be justified the market value of Tesla is currently slightly higher than $1 trillion the prices placed on the company rather than the quantity of units delivered due of its technology one of the top 10 most valuable companies in the world right now is Tesla which trades at the highest price to earnings multiples of 360 times the patterns support the high value price tag put on the manufacturer of electric vehicles a recent Source claims that Tesla shipped 38,600 units a record break number of vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2021 Tesla saw a year-over-year rise of 87 before the conclusion of the year the previous assessment predicted the company would Supply around 26700 cars whereas the full year analysis predicted the company would deliver about 89700 cars however by offering 93600 vehicles in 2022 the corporation went above and above expectations the company anticipates supplying about 1.3 million cars based on its vow and the refurbishment of its Digga factories in Texas and Germany several experts anticipate the corporation's output to be 2 million units nonetheless the number is not thought to pose a problem for the company while some analysts think the company's valuation is a bit exorbitant others argue it is accurate Jim Kramer from mad money is one of the analysts on this side he emphasized that the valuation is appropriate if Tesla is seen as a massive technological firm Above All Else although the valuation might seem high right now we all know that technology becomes less expensive with time in 20121 the company's overall unit growth was hampered by supply chain problems the dynamic will be noticeably mitigated it is said and 1.4 million to 1.5 million units should be achievable by 20 22 another reason why Tesla is anticipated to make a lot of money this year is the Elon Musk Factor the CEO's Brilliance has used his company's perseverance to push it to the front of the electric vehicle race and genius Tesla has created some fantastic products and made the market wait with baited breath for the next announcement from the automaker in addition to the Tesla semi-truck Roadster this year must plans to introduce a reasonably priced electric vehicle in 2022 near the conclusion of the previous year each positive Tesla news from must increase the value of the company's stock level four autonomy which must predicted Tesla would likely achieve in 2022 is a major Milestone because it means we are just one step away from living in a science fiction reality musk made this statement in a podcast there is no need for human intervention at level five autonomy for a short period of time level three autonomy drives the car on predetermined routes many investors consistently neglect the fundamentals in favor of some Fantastical possibility musk has succeeded in increasing his power in these areas nevertheless but unintentionally referring to his Corporation as one of the richest persons in the world what musk does get interest from the market through his involvement in the cryptocurrency industry musk has also been able to connect his business with the burgeoning potential Market Tesla and Bitcoin Dodge aorin are inextricably linked in the field of electric Vehicles Tesla is without a doubt in front of the pack and has won the race with a market share of 15 the company is far ahead of Volkswagen and General Motors the market for electric vehicles was valued at $287 billion in 2021 and by 2028 it is expected to reach over $1.3 trillion let's now discuss the predictions for the Tesla Stock's next earnings we'll go through in great depth the breakdown of precisely what is anticip I ated for Tesla in terms of Revenue figures and earnings per share as a result of several price increases from various experts including Jeep Morgan and Morgan Stanley many people are now publicly expressing their extreme optimism towards the Tesla stock according to a recent estimate from Seeking Alpha Tesla May reach $2,500 by 2025 that's a result that is fairly close to ARS invest estimated price of $3,000 per share that means that many individuals are approaching the pricing level of arson vest projections so let's go over them and examine their reasoning for anticipating that the price of Tesla Stock May reach 2,500 in 2025 Tesla has been crushing the delivery figures as we previously stated and their financial report is about to be released many people and numerous analysts predict that this number will rise for instance analysts at Morgan Stanley predict that Tesla will deliver more than 2 million cars by 2022 for Tesla that will be a record this number is anticipated to expand steadily as new gator factories start operating in Europe and United States of course Revenue will soar as delivery numbers rise so let's speak about what to anticipate for this quarter's earnings Tesla's fourth quarter revenue is typically expected to be in the range of $16 billion let's talk about what retail investors did for Tesla stock in December we have a strategist from Tim Merit tray one of the largest brokerage accounts in the United States even with the average expectation of $16.15 billion in Revenue that is still a 52y year-over-year increase on the higher end we have $18 billion in Revenue a 68 increase in Revenue year-over-year according to Ken Yahoo finance live if the price drops below 950 you'll see others in and buy it up until until it hits roughly $950 despite having a high inflation rate when it exceeds $1,500 it seems to wordy customers and there is a decline in the amount of purchases made shares of the industry Powerhouse for electric vehicles recently increased by more than 4% this serves as a barometer for those who are more bullish about the market when folks are feeling a little more apprehensive we visit apple and Microsoft Canada said that compared to the rest of the year our clients exposed themselves to the markets Less in December can continued earlier this week you started to witness how quickly that attitude can change in people pouring in to buy the dip he claimed that last week saw pressure on growth equities as a result of Monday's more hopp is Federal Reserve minutes many large cact Tech and internet stocks started the day lower but finished it flat or P despite recent volatility some analysts still preferred growing companies with solid balance sheets by January 26 2022 Tesla will make its financial report public when that time comes Tesla will issue a brief alert that includes a link to the key for full year 2021 updates which can be found on the company's investor relations website do you believe Tesla will surpass its chave for earnings projections post a comment below

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