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most of you who've been watching me for years know that I receive all kinds of questions about coins like this it's a daily basis I have a help Community you can read the comments in my videos you know and and this coin is damaged you know someone took a sledgehammer put the scent on top of a quarter and pounded that thing I mean on top of concrete and you can see that it's misshapen it's not circular from the the pressure and the being damaged and you can see the front where it was laid down it just scratched it all up you know I could recreate this out front of my coin shop on the concrete and I know that but this person challenged me to a bet with this coin because I told them it was damaged they said that are you sure about those words you want to bet and I'm thinking you know yeah I'll take your bet but no I'm not playing games that's not what I do here at the coin shop it's not what I do in my business you know get a second opinion send it off for grading if you think that you have an error here it's just not a narrative doesn't happen during the coin minting process and that's what's important also I receive so many different coins like that that I'll show you here and this one looks so some people this is going to look like an error and it's not it's a badly damaged coin and I got someone's got 25 on it this stuff comes in the coin shop all the time I left it in the two by two for a reason so that you can see what it looks like uh in video online or whatever and also this is the one that looks very similar to theirs this is another one that somebody that they pounded on it they got 200 on it now you're going to see that online and someone's going to think you got one just like it and they're going to say well I'll sell it online for 200 bucks but look at it it's very similar to that one and someone used a vice or another coin to do that with and you know it's it can't happen during the coin minting process but I see this stuff all the time people bring this stuff in all the time to the coin shop so I got to tell people over and over and over if you got something good I'm not going to tell you it's something bad I'm not jealous I would love to see people find things if you go over to the help community and you see and you see people that actually posts double dies and RPM discover you know they discovered them actually found them I'm always praising them because I want people to find coins I want people to be happy in this business I want excited and looking for things that's why I like that as part of this uh hobby here's another one you know it's not a blowhole or anything like that is actually shot with either a pellet gun or maybe a 22 I don't know it's kind of small because they're a small hole there but you know in the metal you're seeing underneath that is the zinc it's the zinc Blanchette coated in Copper so I just wanted to show you those um and tell you a little bit about a challenge someone gave me I mean really I mean I had someone else say boy I can't I hope to prove you wrong when I told them I'm like why it's got to be about that why has it got to be about Egos and pride and you know I gave you my opinion based off of years of experience Decades of experience and understanding the coin minting process if you don't like my opinion please get another opinion or send your coin to a and ACS you don't have to have a membership you go to Annex Coin Grading website there nx.com or whatever it is print off their submission form you can call them on the phone they'll help you do it or whatever it is and send that coin to them get a opinion like that instead of letting things get under your skin so anyways thanks for watching my latest video please like share and comment and have a great day

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