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our last mover today and that's charge Point shares of the EV charging stock on the move up six percent right now after the open UBS initiating coverage on the stock giving the company a buy rating a nine dollar price Target The Firm saying that charge Point could create an attractive risk reward given its recent stock performance and we know the stock hasn't done a heck of a lot when you pull up some of those longer term uh charts here we take a look at what the stock has done year to date certainly has not been a standout by any means when you take a look at the fact that obviously there is a need for more Chargers within this space although reports of Tesla or the confirmations I should say of Tesla really pushing its supercharging Network partnering with so many automakers out there what exactly that would mean for a company like chargepoint chargepoint though saying that there is such a great need for chargers throughout North America and really globally as we talk about this massive transition to EVS that the company is still well placed within that industry talking about potential growth and future growth that is at least what the analyst is saying here in terms of their bullish Outlook they're saying that the Deep customer base and the clear path to bring even ebitda for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2025 is going to help Propel shares here yeah a little bit of a crash course in Chargers this morning for anybody watching especially if you're kind of looking at the share price action that we were just breaking down for you a moment ago pairing that with what the note is saying saying that the company has 33 000 charging stations UBS noting this firm sees L2 charging ports such as the home Flex Port eventually accounting for over 90 percent of the installed base in 2030 up from 80 percent roughly right now and so what the heck is an L2 charger little crash course here for you it's basically a like a gas pump in your garage but a smart appliance that charges your vehicle this according to Evo charge and an added convenience not only is a level 2 charger ready when you need it to be you can save on electricity a little bit more during the lower rate time so some of the perhaps energy recovery perhaps that is baked into that too all that said you can essentially average have an average charge time for about three to eight hours versus the level one which is about 11 to 20 hours as well there

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