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Neo Le Auto and xong delivering a total of 66,800 vehicles in the month that's a 43.8% jump on the year the big winner however appears to be le Auto with its numbers outpacing those two Rivals here you're seeing shares moving higher pre-market fractionally for Le AO here I think the important thing too is to remember at we mentioned at the outset of this conversation was the pricing Wars that have really initiated in China to try and make sure that you get consumers into the vehicle ecosystem for a lot of these major auto manufacturers within the region trying to make sure that that if they can get them into that ecosystem perhaps you can get them uh as part of that that larger brand Affinity base going forward as well yeah certainly that's going to be a huge Focus here we know that the price Wars are really sparked by Tesla we also just got those delivery numbers out as well but the price Wars uh having an impact when it comes to demand helping demand in China as we talk about this transition to EVS when you talk about Lee Auto being one of the outperformers here of the most recent quarter analysts expecting a third quarter Revenue to come in above about 245 per up on a year-over-year basis to 4.6 billion on the heels of indications of strong demand here from these uh monthly sales data that we've been getting over over the last several months but uh Neo leato and xun combined selling just over 66,000 vehicles in the month of September that's up 116% year-over-year the second best month on record and switch you're going Focus here and talk about Tesla because we know there was a lot of focus on these delivery and production numbers third quarter total deliveries of 435,000 just over that production of 43,48 that was the decline line from the previous quarter that that slide that we're seeing comes as Tesla did close some factories here uh that of course having an impact on production and has slowed production so certainly a mover to the downside not a big surprise on the heels of these delivery and production numbers that we're getting from Tesla off just about 2 and a half per. and yeah that's so key I mean when you think about the three and the Y which really make up the majority almost all of those production and delivery figures um you know you strip out the snx which are really just about 13,000 uh of the production figures 15 16,000 of the deliveries here all that considered it shows that people are continuing to gravitate towards the mass Market offerings here and on a regional basis that's amazingly important because it's the entry point for a company like Tesla and so many of these International markets China but also Europe as well here and so even as you're thinking about the success rate of the three and the why going forward it it's a larger question of okay at what margin can investors expect Tesla to continue to be able to sell these vehicles deliver these vehicles uh and that's going to be the more important and critical perhaps figure that investors pay close attention to go yeah we know that it's been slashing prices for many of its models really since the start of the year markdowns as large as 34% for the model X of significant uh pricing discounts here we'll see

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