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get stop trading most oversold since the spring when we bounced so keep that in mind it's the SP oscillator uh David I think that we want to take a hard look at Tesla because this is sort you we had Bernstein notes saying not going make the numbers yesterday we had doche bank number say KN make numbers and the stock hangs in what does that say it could mean that some of the higher growth High multiple stocks might be able to try and make a stand I've got Macy's tonight I've got paychecks tonight and Oshkosh and I refuse to be as negative because boy it was SC be negative 2 weeks ago now you you're with the crowd you're with the crowd so you're thinking of bucking the trend here I just feel like as I in my screet about Kimberly which is a company that I don't particularly love but they do have a name brand I think these companies their brands are worth something they're not just um play things that are being tortured by the tenure I love Today's Show we covered a lot of ground but chat GPT is here that we did not talk enough about well we will I promise we will make it up because it is uh very important

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