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shifting our Focus to news now from the world of business from ugly duckling of the fashion industry to a Cindrella story for investors Crocs it's now come a long way since it jumped onto the fashion scene this next report records the gripping rise of the fashion forward shoe brand take a look every first time investor jumps into the stock market hoping for a Cinderella Story their first talk is most likely Apple Microsoft Tesla Amazon or meta but there's another stock that's been making a splash The Croc star Crocs jumped onto the mainstream as a boating and outdoor shoe brand but there are funky designs in unbeatable Comfort made them a top pick on Wall Street the company made a successful IPO in 2006 and raked in 208 million dollars and its Ascent to the top has been gripping ever since if you had invested a hundred dollars five years back you would be walking away with 760 dollars Apple made some sweet gains during the same time but not enough to give Crocs the slip over the years Crocs has launched several collection lines that have sold out within minutes and its efforts to streetwear enthusiasts has got wall Street's attention but can the stock continue its dream run especially as more people head to offices and cut down on discretionary spending well investors are not worried they think Crocs are totally worth the market value they command we are a report we on world is one [Music] thank you

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