Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Expansion Official Trailer Idris Alba vs Keanu Reeves Story (Video)

foreign there's nothing can stop that leave my name is Songbird I'm an anus intelligence analyst I know about the bomb ticket in your head and I can save your life what's the catch I need you to get to Dogtown [Music] I can't get all dog Town residents president managed to crash her space Force One into our humble District man's got a thousand and one reasons to want Myers as a hostage sleeper agents time to wake them up so nusa is tossing us back into The Fray huh stay sharp we're in the Wolf's Den now get Myers out of there time to Evac her safety is the top priority [ __ ] they catch us out here we're dead wait hear that God Almighty it's moving this way and ratted us up you know the treason ain't never black and white it's a charade V wherever she goes people get hurt bodies drop just one word Songbird promised me The Cure the situation has changed you need to know if you're with me illusion of Freedom draws in the desperate Pick Your Truth be come on got iron in your head you've got to put it to someone's head pull the trigger do anything into it soon I'll die [Music] thank you