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[Music] [Music] [Music] welcome to electri it's your host Dylan Lumis quick shout out to my newest Patron George F thank you for choosing to support the channel most likely you remember that racial discrimination lawsuit against Tesla where the first time around the jury awarded the plaintiff $137 million in Damages then a judge later ruled that that was excessive it was then lowered to 15 million but the plaintiff rejected that offer and now today we have a federal judge declining to order a third trial in the same lawsuit rejecting claims by the former factory work work ER that the company's lawyers engaged in misconduct in a written order the judge upheld a $3.2 million verdict that a jury awarded to Owen Diaz in April I'm not sure what type of legal action Mr Diaz and his lawyers can take from this point forward but good for now I really would like some of your input on what Elon said on X he said talking of the rear wheeel drive model y it performs well on snow and ice with all season or winter tires all-wheel drive is nice to have but not required for winter driving I know some of you are out there in snowy climates like myself where the snow can be a little bit more than a dusting in those environments let me know what you guys think of a rear wheeel drive vehicle if you have any experience there was a trending post on Reddit of a user sharing their Tesla Insurance screenshot saying that it's now accounting for excessive speeding over 85 mph it'll dock your safety score Honestly though as far as I can tell this has been around for the last 6 months or so since Tesla rolled out the safety score 2.0 maybe some of you guys can add more color perhaps there are some Regional timing differences out there when it comes to Tesla insurance and what it is taking into consideration for your safety score I just wanted to clarify that speeding Factor has been one now for a few months this article is also making its rounds and if you pay any attention to the mining or the mineral industry you'll always hear people talking about these huge upcoming copper shortages how we all need to be investing in the copper industry but it's tough to tell if it's people trying to pump their Investments or there's really something going on here and what do you know if you scroll down on the article you will see disclaimer this is a paid advertisement either way they said for Tesla to reach their production targets they would need roughly 9% of the world's copper production per year this reuter's article said copper has been seen as a green energy transition play in part because of the wiring needed for EVS they can use as much as 80 kg 176 lb of copper four times the amount used in a typical combustion vehicle Goldman Sachs came out with a report saying EVS accounted for 2/3 of the global demand growth in Copper last year notice how this is not 2/3 of the global demand but 2/3 of the demand growth but they also say this EVs and Battery makers have found ways to cut weight in cost that means less copper needed per vehicle speaking of those Innovations Tesla and Elon just told us they're going to be moving from 12 volts to 48 volts that should allow for smaller wires and thus less copper Elon said first approximation that means we need only about one qu as much copper in the car as would be needed for a 12vt battery so that's a big deal because people often worry about whether there is enough copper Elon said yes there is this article from mining.com they said some Tesla cars use up to 82 kg of copper or about 180 lb and here's where that first article that was trending maybe got got its data from mining.com for Tesla to hit its goal of 20 million cars per year doing the math that would be about 9% of Global Production if the levels stayed where they were in 2022 you would take this 1.8 million tons times roughly 2,200 to go from tons to pounds that would give you 4 billion pounds of copper then doing the math across 20 million Vehicles that's assuming about 200 lb of copper per vehicle but if Tesla moves to 48 volts those figures could be cut by 75% if over the coming years Tesla's copper predictions are correct about how much they can save they would save roughly 1.3 million tons or about $1 billion worth of copper at the prices where they were over the summer I've said it before on the channel but Tesla is going to be the 1,000 cuts that is ultimately the death of big parts of the traditional Auto industry it's all of the little tiny innovation s that always go overlooked that over time compound and add up I'm not going to act like I'm an expert on the copper industry and there certainly may be temporary shortages along the way but with Tesla moving to 48 volts potentially saving 75% of the copper needs and in turn billions of dollars I'm not sure this is something we need to be worrying about or throwing our life savings into not Financial advice now I feel like I have to clarify I wasn't at all trying to hint at or say I think investing in Copper is a bad finan decision that was not at all my point why is it that Tesla's demand has been so soft is it simply that they've overproduced and they can't cut prices enough because there's just no pent up demand additionally for EES and there's nothing another but why is it that those delivery numbers and that they have so much excess inventory right now how long is it going to take for that to be absorbed there it is again this soft demand in major excess inventory are they just paring these same talking points without even looking at the data or trying to figure out what's really going on if you've been keeping up with the videos you've heard me already talk about this and address it but still it's like come on now if you look at 1.8 million where I believe is going to be deliveries for the year that's a super strong number relative to the environment I think margins trough and Phil's talked about that as well Q4 I think you have cyber truck that starts production a refresher model 3 and I think in China they actually start to gain more share that's why in our view this is more of what I view is a pause into the next phase of the Tesla growth story which is why we've been telling our investors here you continue to own this name this how did they go from not being a a year ago not being able to meet demand uh to this the situation where they are right now yeah demand's definitely soft we've seen that in China in terms of Cent price War that's happened in China but I believe the poker move of cutting prices that was the right thing I think we've seen it in the stock in terms of stimulating demand for Tesla but no doubt they are definitely going through a transition in terms of what we're seeing with man in the US globally but if you look at scale and where that we believe they could get to production we're going to be looking at next year or two are coming it's going to be 2.5 million ultimately in the 3 million what what they're going to see from a delivery as well as a production I think this is just how in my opinion this is just what I'll call the middle phases of the next phase of the Tesla growth story taking place I can't lie I was disappointed with Dan's answer no mention of production shutdowns for upgrades no mention of any of Tesla's inventory on ships to Europe no mention of days of Supply actually contextualizing any of these excess inventory numbers I wonder though about competing with byd I mean I they're they have more models they have they update them more quickly they have more colors you know it's already Chinese models are like some of the top selling vehicles in Europe already they also have um what's the smaller one the the four letters uh anyway there's it's not just byd which is formidable but there's other Chinese automakers as well and you read about these these are not like you know lowcost cheap businesses byd is like it's like the Japan of the 2020s in terms of the impact that Japanese automakers had on the market back then so you do wonder if Tesla even having an advantage to the big three how does it not get undercut and if they keep the Chinese uh cars out of this Market maybe it'll be fine but how does it not get undercut there's a reason I've been trying to prepare everybody here for the narrative that byd is somehow bigger better and B than Tesla because they're now selling more full bevs or about to maybe as soon as Q4 for those who like the data of why I'm saying these things here was a great chart shared by James cat on X what we have here are rankings of n model sales volume by price range for August 2023 top left starts most affordable price range 0 to 100,000 R&B and then goes up all the way to over 500,000 R&B Plus for now just look at the red bars that's byd's data and this is going to be in, of units most of their sales are coming below 200,000 R&B compare that to Tesla the purple bars Tesla has all of their sales volume coming over 200,000 R&B doing some rough math it's only about 15% of byd sales that are coming in the same price range that Tesla is actually playing in now yes I'm aware as you get closer to the high end of this category and the low end of this one there's a little bit of cross over there but I think you get the picture not only does comparing Tesla to byd come with its own inherent flaws but more importantly it's not Tesla vers byd it's these two against the ice makers in a software update there's a new feature that has to do with location sharing now an icon will appear at the top of your touchcreen whenever an app requests your vehicle's live location data so if You' like to check in on your family member's whereabouts now they'll be notified of you doing so a guy on Reddit said he likes to track his wife when she's going through a a drive-thru so that remotely he can play the fart sound when she's at the window had to pass that one along we did get a press release from Pepsi last week that I don't think got the coverage that it should have Pepsi said their Tesla semis run two different routes Long Haul routes that transport between 250 and 520 m per run and with a gross vehicle weight plus load up to 82,000 lb and 18 different delivery routes where the trucks cover less than 75 m per day hauling and diminishing load that lead leaves nearly full and lightens throughout the day as deliveries are made Pepsi said about the run on L event after 2 weeks the semis have accumulated a total of 19,1 122 mil approximately 65% of those miles were loaded to a gross vehicle weight plus load of over 70,000 lb or roughly 85% of the Max Capacity this 21 Tesla semi Fleet for Pepsi does operate 24 hours a day one of Pepsi's female drivers ders who initially volunteered to drive the Tesla semi first said she got a lot of questions about the Tesla semi when she started driving it some people thought it was all too good to be true but it's been fun to say it's all electric can haul our regular shipments of Beverages and feels great to drive so roughly 65% of all the Tesla semi miles in the first 2 weeks of the Run onless event were actually loaded to about 85% of the truck's capacity in a Ford press release they just told us they made a new offer to the UAW Ford saying it's the seventh offer now that they've made and this one would put UAW employees among the top 25% of all us jobs hourly and salaried they said while Ford remains open to the possibility of working with the UAW on future battery plants in the US these are multi-billion dollar Investments and must operate at competitive and sustainable levels the future employees at these operations can choose to be Union represented and enter into the collective bargaining process in this new offer Ford is off offering temporary workers a 26% raise and for full-time workers they just said more than 20% they offered before at the same time we have GM setting up a line of credit for $6 billion which yes you could take as a sign that they're expecting the strike to drag on GM wants the 364-day revolving credit line to maintain operational flexibility at the end of quarter 2 GM's Total Auto liquidity stood around $ 38.9 billion financially this really is more of a preemptive move by GM it's not like they need these funds right now however if they thought they were going to reach a deal with the UAW sometime soon I doubt they would be doing something like this looking at us light vehicle sales for quarter three and year to date I just want to focus on the 9mon percentage change compared to 2022 highlighting a few of the brands that with an overall expanding recovering auto market are still actually in the red Lincoln down 5.5% looking at the the next block of Brands all of these brands are actually positive and two small volume players Alpha Romeo down 22.7% and Fiat down 46% not a small player though Jeep down 99.5% Ram down 2.5 stantis down 1.3 and then Bentley down 2% for Fords Q3 sales will'll just focus on their EV numbers it was up 14.8% on best ever sales of 20.9 th000 EVS much of that gain coming from Mach e sales up 42.5% for the quarter in September Mach e sales hit 5,872 a new record and a year-over-year gain of 153% still only about half of that 10,000 unit per month number I'm looking for looking at their Q3 sales we'll just focus on the Mach e they did 14.8 th000 this quarter up 42.5% compared to the same quarter last year but the F-150 Lightning only sold 3.5 th000 down about 45% from last year and yes these are us only sales but looking year to date the Mai has done 288,000 sales in line with what it did last year and despite the slower quarter for the F-150 Lightning year to date it's still up about 40% compared to last year the real question becomes are Ford's lower F-150 Lightning sales due to lower demand or they just have not yet ramped up production personally I still think it's too early to tell we might need a another quarter or two to really figure that out for what it's worth Governor Gretchen Whitmer just said that she thinks Ford's battery facility with catl will proceed whenever Ford strikes a deal with the UAW but are you seeing any drop off in average transaction prices and I'm not looking for a specific number but you have a high average transaction price well over 880,000 per vehicle and we know that we're going into price cutting mode within the EV industry are you noticing any erosion we've we've as uh as you know we've we've maintained our pricing and and the demand for the products is very strong so we've been able to to keep that consistent with what we've had in the past you've got an average loss of almost $33,000 per vehicle and you saw the journal article yesterday and people are saying well when are you going to be profitable per vehicle you've already said by the end of next year are you seeing acceleration in bringing down those costs yes so uh this is our our Q2 results we had a loss of about as us just over $30,000 per vehicle that is improving quarter over quarter so we're seeing significant progress and what we're going to see uh as we go forward is is a very clear staircase or step set of steps that get us to profitability of business and of course that's the objective and the ramp of our production plant is really foundational and key for that I somehow missed this one last week but Nicola is now saying they're going to start deliveries of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles in a few weeks Nicola has 223 non-binding orders from 23 customers including JB Hunt and AJR Trucking right now at their manufacturing facility they said they're producing one hydrogen truck per day the trucks will have a range of around 500 mil but in testing they've gone upwards of 580 the fuel cell trucks hold 70 kg of hydrogen and nickel is rolling out fueling stations across North America with its hila brand fuel tanks capable of holding 1,000 kg of hydrogen can fuel about 18 trucks in a 24-hour period I just have to say this is going to be a very interesting roll out to watch poar just announced a new CTO Lutz steeger who came from sister company Volvo that's where he spent the last 10 years and his role was head of electric propulsion responsible for product development for all software and Hardware used in Volvo's powert trains next week Kia is hosting a one-day event they're calling EV day on October 12th they'll present a posy of electric vehicles including three small and mediumsized EVs and they said this is something that they'll do annually to show off some of their Technology Drive Tesla Canada has reported that Tesla has switched back and they will resume sending cars from Fremont 2 Canada instead of only getting them from Giga Shanghai so far this only appears to impact the model 3 not the model y I should note they're getting this data from some listings and they don't specifically say the cars are made in Fremont but drive Tesla confirmed with a source that model 3 cars are already in transit to Canada from Fremont they also saw some existing inventory vehicles that are listed as arriving soon starting with the VIN 5 YJ indicating production in Fremont my guess is this has something to do with the model 3 plus given that right now this only impacts the model 3 maybe Giga Shanghai only now has capacity for the model 3 plus meaning they're not shipping the old version to Canada anymore which would of course Force Tesla to ship the older model 3 to Canada from Fremont it's been a while since we've talked about this one but we have John vau former executive from Tesla he was the global head of manufacturing set to launch his new flagship product part of his company blue Innovations group Saturday December 16th in St Pete the public launch event will be the first time people actually see the product where it doesn't look like an engineering Contraption the R30 is the first electric 30ft Day Cruiser designed and made in Florida outfitted with a 221 Kow hour battery pack that should give it a runtime around 8 hours just like Tesla their boat will get continuous software updates the R30 will come with an initial price point of around $300,000 hope you guys have a wonderful day please like the video if you did you can find me on X linked below and a huge thank you to all of my patreon supporters

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