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Tesla is in a massive position of strength after building its EV castle and now is set to further monetize its success this can be proven True by the company's increasing ability to bring in Revenue outside of EV sales you look at units right now the orange trajectory toward 2 million and then this is the drum roll the Super Bowl to now what I believe is modernization of supercharger battery and I think last night the biggest thing from the conference call FSD talking to another OEM because this from an AI perspective is ultimately how I see Tesla get into a trillion and a half two trillions licensing FSD to another OEM I mean he said early days it's never clear we got no Clarity on who it is or how far along or whether it may even come to fruition Tesla stock is up for a massive run these are not just our thoughts though but that of a seasoned stock investor like Dan Ives who's just revealed how Tesla can potentially hit the 400 Mark in just a matter of months join us as we explore this incredibly fascinating Tesla stock prediction Tesla stock has a history of volatility but it's not uncommon for the stock to experience rapid price swings both up and down this volatility is partly due to factors like Market sentiment news events and macroeconomic conditions and while factors of volatility remain there are also compelling reasons why long-term investors should not be overly bothered by short-term fluctuations today we're going to take a closer look at Dan ive's valuation of Tesla and why it's important as an investor to remember that Tesla has a track record of rebounding from downturns and achieving new highs therefore while Tesla stock is currently undervalued there are several reasons why we believe it won't be too long until it goes back up I think it's Tesla's World everyone else is paying rent I think this is just the first phase of the growth story playing out mod of these that we're seeing on supercharger eventually we believe is going to be battery you'll get FSD that's the Golden Goose in terms of AI and also with the Gerber team Gerber Kawasaki team you know thought leaders when it comes to the view of Tessa and Nicole I think this is just this is the the get out the popcorn moment to where this is all heading in this green tidal wave that plays out but remember it's not just give me casa you're going to have success stories like iridium you'll have them fast you're gonna have the some of these transformational the Fords the GMS you know obviously some of the European players just mean many winners in this five trillion dollar green tidal wave yeah Tesla's separate businesses in this case are its supercharging Network where the company recently signed deals with several automakers to open up its charging Network the company has an AI it uses to train its FSD software which is likely to turn Tesla vehicles into Robo taxis Tesla also sells battery storage products to Consumers and utilities a business that grew over 220 percent year-over-year in Q2 based on all this Ives rates Tesla a buy with a price target of 350 a share within the next 12 months which is a 35 percent gain from the current price of 258 dollars however Ives also noted that a 400 valuation can also happen soon and speaking of what could work in Tesla's favor an expert said that Tesla could be a big winner in case of UAW strikes the United Auto Workers strike against the big three automakers Ford General Motors and stellantis continues to loom as the deadline draws closer in light of this Nathan bomi axios business reporter and co-author of axios closer newsletter and David madland Center for American progress senior fellow and American worker project senior advisor joined Yahoo finance live to discuss the potential strike and its impact on the Auto industry done Ives previously raised his price target for Tesla by fifty dollars up to three hundred fifty dollars stating that the company has demonstrated that it can monetize Key Products including its supercharger Network and self-driving Tech Ives was responding to Tesla's second quarter earnings report which dragged its stock price down four percent in pre-market trading the following day he also praised Tesla's price wall as a home run success in China Europe and the US amid signs that traditional comic is struggling to keep up pace with Tesla's coats while some other analysts have failed to see the bigger picture when it comes to Tesla Dan Ives remains bullish on the stock hey guys welcome back to Tesla tomorrow Ives has highlighted Tesla's trailblazing deal to share its supercharger network with other EV companies as their money making opportunity adding that its profits are likely to keep Rising once it's able to roll out full self-driving more widely and now Tesla is known for its massive electric vehicles and even more and it has a competitive advantage in the charging infrastructure too the automaker's supercharger network is the only Global EV fast charging Network and in North America it's by far one of the most extensive and reliable Tesla has built over 3 000 stations with more than 25 000 stalls all over the world and it plans to open up its Network to other EVS later this year we believe this could be a pretty lucrative opportunity for Tesla and it could actually pull in some pretty significant revenue from charging fees and attract more customers into the ecosystem when investors have got to understand though is that Tesla's supercharger network is more than just a convenient chance for Tesla vehicle owners it's a strategic asset that holds significant Revenue generating potential this network of fast charging stations has played a pivotal role in Tesla's success and could continue to do so in various ways let's see a few of them but before we do if you like this type of content hit that like button subscribe and turn on post notifications to keep up to date on everything going on with Tesla Tesla can continue to charge Tesla owners and potentially other electric vehicle users uh fee for using the supercharger Network and the most straightforward Revenue source for the supercharging network is this paper use charging structure the automaker has also introduced supercharger subscription plans in the past offering Tesla owners the option to pay a monthly fee for access to the network these subscriptions can be tailored to different usage levels such as unlimited charging for a fixed monthly cost or a certain number of charging sessions consequently generating Revenue similarly the paper use model generates direct Revenue with each charging session contributing to Tesla's overall Financial Health interestingly this subscription does not necessarily have to be about charging alone Tesla can bundle the supercharging access with other services like FSD subscriptions or vehicle maintenance packages it can offer comprehensive bundles that can attract more customers and create upselling opportunities already Tesla's got a good rep for its products and this appeal lies in its commitment to Innovation sustainability performance safety and customer experience tickets cost for instance Tesla has made a significant advancement in its Battery Technology resulting in EVS with longer ranges this means that consumers can travel further on a single charge making EVS more practical for everyday use and road trips range anxiety is a pretty big concern with EVs and Tesla has just succeeded in tackling it likewise Tesla's over-the-air updates keep its Vehicles up to date on the latest software and this continuous Improvement model means that Tesla owners get vehicles that are better over time enhancing the ownership experience as Tesla continues to push the boundaries of technology and expand its product offerings it's likely that the automaker's appeal will only continue to grow attracting even more consumers to its vision of a sustainable and electrified future for superchargers Tesla can conform to commercial Partnerships with businesses municipalities and other organizations to expand its own supercharging network in these business Partnerships could cover the cost of installing the networks at their locations and Tesla could then earn huge Revenue through various agreements including charging fees or Revenue sharing Arrangements Tesla's supercharging Network can be integrated with its energy products like power packs and power walls supercharger stations can store access to excess energy generated from solar panels or off-peak Grid electricity and energy storage systems and then sell that energy back to the grid during Peak demand times thus creating a revenue stream since Tesla's gonna have access to enough data the automaker can then monetize the data collected from its supercharger Network this data will be valuable to urban planners Electric utilities and other stakeholders that are wanting to understand EV charging patterns and infrastructure needs Tesla could explore third-party Partnerships and while primarily serving Tesla vehicles the supercharger Network could potentially be opened up to other non-tesla EVS through Partnerships or agreements with this Tesla could charge fees to other automakers for access to its charging infrastructure similarly to how Tesla adopted the CCS standard in Europe even better supercharger locations can serve as valuable advertising spaces the automaker can partner up with advertisers to display ads or promotions on supercharger stations or digital screens inside Tesla vehicles while users charge up their vehicles it could explore Innovative amenities and services at supercharger locations like Tesla could offer food or beverage Services multiple premium Lounge areas or car care services for a fee these added Services enhance the customer experience and generate revenue for the automaker Tesla's supercharger network is not just about collecting and charging electric vehicles it's a multi-faceted business opportunity that can create significant contributions to the company's overall revenue and profitability as the automaker continues to expand its vehicle Fleet and supercharging infrastructure the potential for revenue generated from this strategic asset remains substantial what do you think about Dan ive's comments let us know down below and if you want to know more about what Tesla's been up to over the last few days go ahead and click on this next video on your screen see you there

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