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[Applause] just a two cents on on Tesla and then also semiconductors right what what I see lots of times moving into a high and moving into a low is three moves and so if you look at Tesla and you take it onto the um you take it onto the daily okay you'll see you'll see you've had one move that uh took place going into the middle of June uh middle of June middle of June June uh June 21st you had a peek there and look how much volume traded that's the biggest volume that the stock had traded in about four months uh what is that 211 million and then you got a second Peak going into uh July 5th or July 3rd but um and and maybe it was a holiday but the volume was lighter then you made another high going into you know just four to four days ago five three days ago but look how the volume picked up and you've got even more volume yesterday over over anything that had traded on that move from 240 up to 300 so you got one move two moves three moves and you got big volume on the downside that's that's telling me that um that this move might be over for for a bit and if you look at the smh's mm-hmm this also had three moves into a high you go 151 155 and then this recent move here you'll see also the relative strength line did not confirm that high at 155. if you you can also use some momentum indicators if you turn on your status stochastics this last High didn't didn't get close to the high previous at 155 and you've got the biggest volume on the downside in those smh's that has traded in five five months six months at least on the downside yeah it might be it might be six months that that's the largest volume that traded yesterday so I'm just saying I just I don't think it's something you should really keep a close eye on and then if you break this if you draw maybe a trend line off off the bottoms here starting at the end of May the whole thing is somewhat of a wedge going up there for these last this last month five five or six weeks if you break that then I would say okay now now you're gonna really get into a correction yeah so I I just I just see anytime I see three moves like that into a high then I I start getting a little bit nervous about hey is is the move uh is the move uh getting getting late and uh it's got to go through some substantial correction

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