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Rick you know we're getting uh reports here that DeSantis is likely to announce as candidacy for president tomorrow we were talking yesterday about some of the big name Business Leaders that are backing potential presidential candidates it sounds like he's got a big one coming tomorrow Elon Musk uh I didn't see this one coming but it makes sense and the one thing I think about when uh so Elon Musk is going to host this announcement event it's going to be a video event on Twitter which Elon Musk now owns um and uh this this does kind of make sense so Elon Musk really fought back against lockdowns uh during covid and he actually violated county law in California by keeping one of his Tesla factories open when the county said they had to shut down uh and he he dared County authorities to come and arrest him and that was a pretty big deal at the time so it makes sense why Elon Musk would be I don't know if we're if we're yet saying that he's endorsing DeSantis but he is hosting him for this for this kickoff announcement tomorrow uh and they'll probably talk about uh shutdown policies and things like that now it's a different thing altogether the big question is would Elon Musk back him with money um Elon Musk for his weird interest in Politics As far as I know has not really given Mega donor amounts of money to political candidates by which I mean tens of millions of dollars he could do that but we will see if he actually wants to get that involved and we will see if he backs it up with money but certainly hosting this you think is some sort of well I mean it just it'll make it more of a media circus that's for sure and it will draw more attention to DeSantis yeah and yeah it could benefit both there all right Rick Newman Great Stuff thanks thanks

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