Dive Into Data: Stock Prices (Video)

hello my name is Chris and today we need to find out the answer to the question can I make a profit with this stock although there's no definitive answer to this question Consulting the Open high low closing price of a stock along with its daily trade volume on Yahoo finance will help you understand how the stock price of a company varies over time let's dive into the data at the top of the page you will see the company's name along with its ticker symbol in this case the company of interest is Tesla Incorporated and this ticker symbol is t s l a below that is the closing price of the company's stock as well as a summary of the change in the Stock's price below that there are a series of open high low closed charts that show the opening price of the stock the highest price in that day the lowest price as well as the closing price the Open high low close charts are also color coded to indicate an increase or decrease in the Stock's price you can also examine the performance of the stock for a specific period of time for example from October 27th to December 27th with this data in hand you can appreciate the variability and the volatility of a company's stock price which in turn can inform your investment decisions