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all right welcome back to another video guys check it out this is a quick method it's going on right now so get on it while you can so look right now as you can see I sold some stuff in the auction right right here I want you to pay attention to this number right here 26k coins the method I'm going to be showing you guys is super easy super simple okay what you want to do is you want to snipe the 81 overall Legends okay I just figured this out uh I would I was pulling some packs and I was like yo I'm actually selling some of these Legends for much more than I can actually snipe them for and the margins are pretty decent as long as you have a decent coin stack I recommend maybe you have like 100k you might want to buy four or five at a time and then sell them they sell pretty quick so you can make a lot of coins so come over down here as you guys can see I'm getting my rookie premieres I haven't got all of them yet but that's besides the point um come down here as you can see I'm selling all these 80 ones I got them all up they're going to take a little bit to sell but you will sell them for around 28 29k each so I want to just show you this is the Richard Sherman you can go over to the auction house and you can actually see what he's going for 23k right here right here you would just click this right here let's see if I can get it I can't get it you got to be quick all right so get your filters right cycle through and try to snipe them you can snipe them for about 23k you just saw at 22 actually I've seen some go for 22 and I'm selling them for 29 000 coins right now is you're going to have to let them sit for a little bit it will take some time but if you're patient you will be able to sell these as you can see I already sold one and I only had to list it up for like five minutes so these are all the other 81s I got I'm selling them all for around 28 29k and then just to make sure I just want to show you you can do this with any car it doesn't have to be Richard Sherman either it doesn't have to be so you can click the auction someone just put it up for 21k guys get on this right now I'm telling you you could see it someone sold it zero minutes ago 28k you can see the data is right in front of you use this to your advantage get on this right now guys this is a quick little video that I want to show you you can do this with any 81 overall Legend card okay and and if you put your if you put your mind to it you can do this with the 84s as well okay I just wanna I I didn't I didn't want to spill all the secrets but you could do this with the 84s you can even do it with the 78s let me stop I I got to leave some of the method some of the methods for myself I gotta leave but look guys you could do this with all the legend cars everyone is buying up Legends going over for cheap everyone's ripping packs get this while it's hot there you go

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