Dogecoin Price Prediction Today! Dogecoin News Today (Video)

hey what's up glitch coin holders very very close my friends to resistance line and of course my weather if I see a breakout I will call you my friend but right now it was very close so how much possibilities do it was break and with my friend it will be ready to break this breakout okay guys let's discuss about the next price target of which coin but remember if you want unlimited uip signal must show in my telegram group absolutely we have a premium signal also available so you will make it a crazy okay and crazy profitable uh trades every day you can see here bear with uh signal it was give us and you can see here just watch out it was weird touch now this resistance line so my friend look like my video this time also it will be gonna good now okay guys but a very very close message to this highest point my business if it will be do a break it will be do a breakout of course one with this uh Dutch coin will be easily reach out to 0.1 to 0.210 this is the confirmed Target of ethereum or sorry Rich coin okay guys so hope you enjoy video please like subscribe and for my call my brothers I give a call on telegram you need to join now the link is in the description thanks for watching see you next time guys