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we're also watching the largest ev automaker in the U.S today as Federal prosecutors are scrutinizing the benefits the company may have provided CEO Elon Musk since 2017. this according to a report by The Wall Street Journal you take a look at shares here this morning they're still higher by about four tenths of a percent so perhaps investors shrugging this one off just a little bit here but no doubt Elon musk's compensation has been at the core of focus at different points over the past we'll say five years here you think back to 2018 the infamous going private funding secured tweet that restructured his entire compensation package that took it out to tranches for him to get rewarded based on some of these stock performance as well and so all of that considered I think the Department of Justice is going to have a lot at these different phases to look through as to what he was awarded as a result of the different restructuring packages within his own Compensation Plan that were executed yeah of course that and then there's also project 42 which is a secret project inside Tesla and there's lots of questions just about the funding there where exactly that came from how or whether or not some of those funds were misused or misappropriated so that's something that reportedly from the journal that Regulators are looking into the doj expanding their investigation here so they're looking at more transactions between Tesla musk and then also some of the other companies that are controlled by musk so no real impact on the stock at least for right now but this is just another challenge for musk a man that doesn't seem to have a lot of extra time and nor should he with everything that he has on his plate right now all the companies that he is running all the projects initiatives that are underway so this could be a bit of a challenge here depending on what Regulators are able to uncover and exactly how far this probe potentially goes still got enough time to tweet he finds that he makes time to tweet but early in the morning four in the morning or post I should say yeah are we exiting now I don't know we're gonna figure all that out what works out

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