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[Applause] let's now go to Dave and DraftKings DK n your thoughts on the move here today another retake of the 50-day and clearing of the downtrend and a blue dot and a blue dot earnings uh were were're really good obviously no earnings yet but they they're getting ever closer to maybe breaking into profitability next year we'll see I I I just love the fact that the revenue growth is so strong and this is something that Chris uh and I've talked a lot about and um I you know I think Chris's point about looking for companies that have that not only that great new product in a in a in a very exciting New Market but have that unbelievable sales growth you you just have to acknowledge that with draftking so I know there's big competition with FanDuel but you know Apple had Apple had uh the Blackberry and you know Tesla had all the other companies so why not uh uh look at one of the true leaders here therefore we had this on the watch list for leaderboard we now added it as a half-sized position um and I I was watching as closely on a five minute and figured that it at the time of the entry it was well holding above that early entry of 3110 it's just trading around there that's okay I mean if if it closes the Gap today then we would say okay well obviously uh there's there's uh there's some nervous personalities out there in in draft DraftKings Market uh maybe maybe it's getting a little too ahead of itself so we'll see I I I think 30 could be uh a great area to try to scoop shares if if you don't want to buy near the top of the gap

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