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now to our coverage of Robo taxis in San Francisco last night a fire truck hit a cruise vehicle with a passenger inside ABC 7 news reporter Leanne Melendez joining us in The Newsroom now with the details so Leanne do we know who was at fault in this case no we're uh we don't uh we're waiting for police to determine who was at fault here in the meantime that passenger Larry asked to go to the hospital last night we don't know the person's condition we know that this afternoon the fire chief was at city hall meeting with the mayor and a few supervisors regarding what to do about this incident this was the scene last night at the intersection of Polk and Turk streets yeah it can be dispatch of Italian chief who's been involved with an accident versus a cruise vehicle there's one person in the vehicle oh wait did it involve a fire truck as seen in this video the fire truck was apparently headed southbound but had moved into the northbound lane something trucks do to get around other cars Crews responded on social media one of our cars entered the intersection on a green light and was struck by an emergency vehicle that appeared to be in route to an emergency scene one of the firefighters involved in the accident told police what he claims the cruise vehicle did at the intersection he says it looked like it lurched the California vehicle code says it is illegal in California not to yield the right-of-way to an emergency vehicle approaching with its lights and Sirens here's where the human element comes into play If I'm driving this car and I hear sirens or I see flashing lights there is no way that I'm going to move this car even if I have the green light it doesn't mean they get a pass it's the responsibility of the fire department to make sure that that intersection is free and clear look at this video shot today at precisely the same intersection cars have already pulled over and stopped the fire truck moves to the wrong side of the road to get past them as the truck moves through the intersection it moves back into its Lane right before going by a cruise vehicle which by the way does not immediately stop like it's supposed to it eventually comes to a complete stop but only after the fire truck has passed it this afternoon the mayor called for a meeting at City Hall to hear from the fire chief we were there but I can't talk right now but have we determined I know I know you are but have you determined what how who causes under investigation board President Aaron peskin has cautioned this could happen he too was at that meeting it was just a matter of time I don't I'm waiting for the police to determine fault and right now the city is waiting to get a full report before deciding what action if any they can take now Crews sent over a statement defending its safety record they say their cars have driven 3 million driverless miles without a single fatality or life-threatening injury in The Newsroom Leanne Melendez ABC 7 News

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