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two stocks worth looking at after the closing bell this evening on Wall Street they both trade all sessions on the iot platform an opportunity to trade both Netflix and Tesla let's take a look first of all at Netflix as you may well be aware if you're a user uh customers are no longer able to share passwords and every household now has its has its own password does it mean that customers have abandoned Netflix well that's very unlikely but margins could be affected by the number of people who decided to switch to the ad tier offer which is cheaper expectations are for earnings per share 2.84 on revenues of eight and a quarter billion for the period last year we saw 3.20 for the same quarter but that 8.27 billion is expected and that would be a record high in terms of overall revenues let's take a look at the share price chart there's been a more than 200 percent increase since the lows we had back on the 12th of May last year in the share price we're up 70 so far this year and shares all sessions on the ID platform now uh have reached this level here not seen since the 20th of January 2022 the stock reports after the closing bell as does Tesla now Tesla's scheduled to release its quarterly report at the same time Street expects earnings of 79 cents a share on revenues at 24.29 billion dollars now in the same court at this time last year the electric vehicle maker posted EPS almost 76 cents and revenues are just under 17 billion so you can see whichever way you cut it we are looking for an improvement year over year and if you look at the share price chart I've got here this 139 uplift we've seen in shares since the beginning of this year it has it started the year off even lower as we went into January but there has been this big rebound as Elon Musk has gone for a different strategy was sales have been the really uh the Pinnacle of what he's trying to achieve here to try and combat the entry into the market from these Chinese manufacturers so are we going to get something good out of Tesla this evening if we do and we do see the stock price rise this will be the next hurdle you can see two or three touches on this line at 313.72 if we go all the way back to September last year and earlier in the summer as well so that's going to be a key line to watch out for if we get some good numbers the stock is currently trading 292.94 on the IG platform both these stocks trade-off sessions and you can trade them after the Bell this evening when we get those earnings

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