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where is ebet going next should you buy silver maybe wait on a bad stock in this video I'm going to cover everything on the technical analysis on EBT stock price predictions forecast all looks all in under two minutes time entry all of this I'm going to use my strategy that has previously got me hundreds and hundreds of wins in the last seven months making me profitable so how am I going to do this by the way this is just my perspective and opinion this is something that has worked for me in the last 12 000 videos three years and thousands of hours of testing behind this crap so with that in mind this is just what has worked for us something for me so hopefully it works for you first program always focused on doesn't matter thicker symbol the trend the trend is your friend and you'd rather be the part of the higher timeframe Trend and now EBT is very bearish right this thing has been going down for a good amount of like two years Plus it's not looking very good right even here when the price kind of went up in a matter of what so like it went as high as like 500 and 550 in a matter of like 40 days I was still very sheer the main reason was the high time from Trend and that was correct right I'm just following my system and strategy what's my prediction on EBT right now I'm not saying that this thing cannot short squeeze or do whatever all I'm saying is right now this is my technical analysis and prediction for my previous testing and then uh technical analysis so I mean let's expect in these laws to continue and get cleared uh again this is just my perspective and opinion and if you want to learn my strategy for absolutely free check out the first link in the description it's 100 free course

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