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to my YouTube channel before starting this video make sure to subscribe Channel and also join my telegram group guys link is available in video description if you want to make money from crypto if you want unlimited crypto signals so guys join our telegram group link is available in video description check the description and join for free edu coin recently uh listed in bandon's future and will pumping more costly guys so a lot of people asking about e uh edu coin guys it's now a near to list on coin Market kpis as you can see are now currently no data is available related to edu coin but it's already listed in Barnes cars so if you want to buy edu coins so I think it's the best opportunity because it's a new coin in a market so I'm sure it will pump in currently the price is very cheap you can buy edu coin uh on 1.18 right now 1.18 is the current price of edu coin on balance and possibilities up to 5 to 10 US dollar possibilities for Adu coin that it will pop guys when it let's list on coin Market cape gun so before it list on coin Market keep I recommend to everybody to buy in Long position gas thanks for watching for guys for more updates see you in the next video

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