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in the long term uh autonomy we think is going to just drive volume through the ceiling next level um and uh and I'll the future Robo taxi products um dedicated robot taxi products uh we think have like quasi infinite demand um so uh and I we're the way we're going to manufacture um the robotaxi is is also itself a revolution and so it's a revolutionary design made in a revolutionary way it'll be right by far the highest I Guinness per hour of any vehicle production ever um so we're very excited about that um with respect to autopilot and dojo in order to build autonomy we also need to train our neural net with the data from millions of vehicles uh with the more I mean this has been proven over and over again the more training data you have the better the results and um I mean there are times where we see basically in a neural net uh basically it's sort of at a million training examples it barely works at two million it's it slightly works at three million it's like wow okay we're seeing something but I think it's like 10 million training examples it's it's like it becomes incredible um so uh you just there's just there's just no substitute for a massive amount of data uh and obviously Tesla has more vehicles on the road um that are collecting this data then all other companies combined by I think maybe even an order of magnitude so I think we might we might have 90 of all or a very big number

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