Elon has ✔️ all the boxes #tesla #stock #teslainc #automobile (Video)

they've done so yeah I'm thrilled you know once again Tesla was never really against any of the ideas that I was presenting it was really just Elon and so I think there was just a a period of time that it took for several of these things to sort of percolate into his mind into existence and and now things are moving in very much the direction that I had hoped I feel a lot more confident about the secession plan and management um the changes in the board with JB Straubel I was very much for so I I'm happy to have JB and Tom Zhu on the board which really represent operational you know players for Tesla but also just the investor day I thought was super Illuminating followed by a shareholder day that was also very Illuminating to what so when you look at Tesla as a whole obviously there's many challenges they face over the next year but you know with cyber truck launch imminent and you know the economy hopefully looking like we're through the worst of it and and well of the rate cycle height