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it's time to talk about Tesla and Elon Musk once again musk becoming the richest man in the world once again in the last few days and that's after a surge in Tesla shares no mosque still loads about 21 of that company and the stock is up about 100 this year it's been a rocky ride though uh earnings back in April uh missed expectations for revenues gross margins were also down from about a third to about a fifth uh that weighed on the stock temporarily but since then we've seen some improvement notable uh rally over the last month and a half uh Tesla making strides in terms of inventory we're seeing signs that inventory is coming down just making progress there those price Cuts may be feeding into that uh improved inventory situation there's also a thing that's going to join the charging Network in the US allowing other car makers to access his charging points that will have an impact in terms of subsidies from the buying regime so looking positive for teza but to an extent it might be mechanical buying it might be gamma related with dealers hedging those auctions positions by buying a stock underlying so questions over whether or not there's more growth here for Tesla but looking good so far [Music] foreign [Music]

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