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with nearly four years of development and close to two million pre-orders hit both investors and car drivers have been keeping an eye out for news about Tesla's cyber truck and they appear to be in luck given the recent disclosures from Elon Musk but with some question marks let's bring in prior to Romanian to give us the details so Pros what do we know hey Rachelle so yes yesterday a beaming Elon Musk posted on Twitter a a production candidate of the Tesla cyber truck talking about this is basically it means that this is a truck bed probably rolled off the line they're testing the line now to see if it's producing cars that are worthy of sale and this one not going to be sold to customers but oh maybe close enough so he was very excited here but many users online and Tesla use message boards noting there's some interesting panel gaps some some production issues that were noteworthy and not really good for a car it's going to be sort of a big centerpiece of Tesla's sort of product Onslaught so you know even Elon Musk noticed this uh these little flaws and he brought a internal email to uh Tesla Engineers saying quote due to the nature of the Cyber truck which is made of bright metal with mostly straight edges any dimensional variation shows up like a sore thumb all parts of this vehicle whether internal or from suppliers needs to be designed and built to a sub 10 Micron X that's very thin and then he said if Lego and soda cans which are very low cost can do this so can we so you know must concern here sort of highlighting what's at stake right the Starbucks truck is almost two years late ribbing and Ford the competitors strong competitors already on the marketplace and investors are counting on big sales of the Cyber truck to justify that big valuation for Tesla stock so you know that targeted Q3 delivery date for the Cyber truck can't come soon enough for Tesla and and musk fans the conversations you have to be having before you're releasing these pictures because people are literally jumping at the bit waiting for this cyber truck so I guess we'll have to see thanks for that update price to remaining there for us

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