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make no mistake the entire Global Auto industry is going all electric it's a race to see who can get quality EVS to the market most quickly at a good price Tesla's done that a little better than any uh one here before the Americans are going to have to keep up Chinese are coming quickly this Market's it is fascinating there's going to be a restructuring of the global auto market like we've never seen before I'm an American I want to see American companies win whether it's Tesla GM or Ford right now here are the numbers Tesla has 21.7 of global EV market share and again EVS are what matters every Auto Company in the world is going all electric let's get real on Tesla most profitable Auto Company in the world growing 40 percent year over year they'll be over 100 billion this year they're trading at a seven or eight X multiple that's not bad for a company with numbers that look more like a tech company than an auto company give them credit Tesla can make their model y in 10 hours that is compared to a Volkswagen that takes in Ford and GM closer to 30 hours to roll a car off the assembly line in today's video the competition is coming hang on is this guy stealing my material anyway you guys know how that line ends the competition is coming I'll labor themselves not for Tesla X Tesla board member Steve Wesley has some thoughts especially about the Detroit three Chinese EV makers and Tesla's unassailable lead P.S you want more content Early Access a bunch of perks it has a fair valuation my full health protocol for Peak Performance click the links to the pinned comment what closer look at the automaker's U.S auto makers and light of the UAW strike the beneficiary perhaps would be Tesla Steve Wesley founder managing partner of the Wesley group sat on the board of Tesla at one time and has a good view of what's going on here the UAW strike is expanding now you know when we look at this now you have about 25 000 workers striking and they are expanding your thoughts on this part of it it's going into more into GM and Ford less into stalantis at this point but point is the strike is on until they make a deal how big of a deal is it and when does it become a big deal look it's already a big deal and look we all want to see American workers earn higher wages but it's coming at a tough time for Ford and GM and here's why first Ford and GM were both struggling to sell uh just 100 000 units in 2023 here and that's compared to two million units for Tesla so they're supposed to be catching up here they're less than five percent so if those numbers drop down that hurts second Tesla's triggering a global price war and I think we've seen it Tesla's had six cost reductions this year alone General Motors Volkswagen four they're all trying to keep up but remember the big picture not only is Tesla selling a lot more electric vehicles but their net margins are 12.9 compare that with six percent of GM four percent at Volkswagen 2.4 percent Ford if you're raising rates at a cost at those companies that's coming at just the wrong time evidently Steve Wesley actually gets it this is really happening at the exact room time as he points out Tesla is dictating terms in the automotive industry they're driving costs down passing those cost savings on and still printing into Street leading profits most Automotive manufacturers have razor thin profit margins almost no wiggle room as I've said they're all doomed anyway bankruptcy is all but inevitable in nearly every case for Legacy Automotive manufacturers they're 10 years late to the party they're too far behind they don't have the technological advantages they haven't innovated in manufacturing they haven't reached scale they haven't got the long-term Supply contracts with price lock-ins they're they're never going to be able to catch Tesla on prices period pole star losing about 50 on every vehicle sold for about 60 GM I can't tell you because they're not even selling any electric vehicles which I was not exaggerating what if they sold like four Hummers these companies need to be urgently slashing every cost they possibly can Tesla is going to force the hand of these companies if they want to sell electric vehicles they will need to chase Tesla's prices the problem is if they're not making money now and they have razor thin overall margins and they're being carried by the currently profitable ice Vehicles whose sales are soon going to plunge therefore profits are going to plunge then go negative it's already game over and they're already headed for bankruptcy and while Tesla is inadvertently them from One Direction the UAW is now these companies from a different direction they're getting spit roasted the uow is outrageous demands even if they negotiate somewhere in the middle gonna bring forward the bankruptcy of these companies by a number of years this is the worst possible timing to be making outrageous demands for pay increases Less hours worked per week more benefits pensions retirement plans it's the absolute worst possible time in the history of these Automotive manufacturers the actual worst possible time of course the UAW does not give a single about its members the UAW gives all the about appearing to give a about its members and there's a major distinction here the uow wants to have the appearance of doing the right thing and caring short-term pandering but as a result of this short-term pandering the company is currently employing its members will be out of business and guess what if GM Ford's delantis go bankrupt those employees will no longer be members of the UAW this is very short-sighted kind of reminds me of a lot of actions taken in government just remember actions have consequences the good news here is for consumers Tesla sees an advantage they're seizing it the Chinese will come to that byd are doing the exact same thing driving costs down EVS are going to be cheaper than ever before but it's going to put the squeeze on automakers with high cost structures so GM and Ford need to be careful this will be an interesting one to watch interesting you want to watch that is quite the understatement you ever seen a slow motion train wreck we're witnessing a few take place right now and Steve is Right consumers will win I gotta say if there were no Tesla we'd be in a very different State of Affairs Tesla doesn't play by the rules and what I mean by this is Tesla could have just continued to make high-end high-profit Vehicles innovate a little bit not passed on cost savings and just print crazy amounts of money relative to a small number of vehicles sold instead Tesla's plan is to make their vehicles better and cheaper over time and that is an ongoing process that never ends as a result all the complacent companies will happy and content to continue milking their existing profits milking their existing Brands and product lines what's the 2024 model need for the refresh oh I know three extra cup holders oh you're a genius yeah if you're going to get a raise what a great idea no innovation keep milking it whatever that would have been fine were it not for Tesla now Tesla has ended the game everything in the automotive industry is being compared to Tesla does your product offer the same value same price performance features functionality oh it doesn't well then why would I buy it legis Automotive companies have been completely blindsided by Tesla who do not play by the same rules Tesla is going for massive scale again refer to their mission statement they told everybody what they planned to do to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy not to make a few high priced high margin electric vehicles and stay at a low volume and the way that Tesla does this the way they get to 20 plus million Vehicles sold per year is to make their vehicles better and cheaper over time and it's forcing the hands of their so-called competition they have to chase Tesla's prices and their features or they will no longer be selling vehicles but as we've discussed the problem is today they don't make any money selling electric vehicles they're nowhere near Tesla on costs and they're nowhere near teslan features which is a big problem the only way they can hope to continue selling Vehicles is to just compete on price because they're not going to match performance features and functionality they just can't but if they compete on price and they're already losing insane amounts of money it just means they lose even more money next minute they go bankrupt Legacy Automotive companies are about to get blockbusted code act big time yeah thought it was interesting because president United States who's a union friendly president I I mean I don't want to put the politics in there well Nicole I am happy to do that for you if you're a long-term viewer of the channel you might remember a couple of years ago the big guy Joe Biden and the eggplant and the comments around unions yeah you remember that right exactly on the topic of pandering to voters as opposed to doing the right thing and actions having consequences the recent appearance from the squeaky clean president of the United States Joe Biden supporting UAW workers on strike was pouring gasoline onto an already burning dumpster fire Fanning the flames you guys deserve more idiot what do you think this does for the morale of everybody striking oh look the president came we must deserve more look he said we deserve more go president yeah of course that's why he went there because he wants to votes of these unionized workers for the next election right you understand how politics Works Nicole's not going to say that but I am because I didn't give a f that's why he's there the result of Biden's visit and comments the Striking UAW members the worst possible thing he could have done if he wants these people to have jobs in the future but I'm not sure that there's much long-term thinking involved here I think it's more a matter of well for any 24 elections around the corner be nice to get votes from all the union members across the United States the orange man about equivalent right now is a few speeches in which orange man bad is pointing out that electric vehicles have a range that's perfect if you want to go three doors down the street and then recharge for 12 hours which if he wasn't talking about a Tesla and it was 10 years ago would kind of be true great way to paner to voters you have jobs in the fossil fuel industry who feel threatened by electric vehicles this is how you pan it to your voter base say what they want to hear but you know maybe it's cutting the CEO's salary or something because he's marching with them sort of implying that they should get more and I know they were asking for 40 came down to 30 percent but if these automakers are really barely making the line Elon Musk for example said they're marching themselves what straight into bankruptcy if they give in to these higher wage demands and a 32-hour work week There's real disconnect isn't there quickly because I have so many questions for you look there is and Elon may be a little crazy but on that one point he's probably right elon's right as I posted on X a couple of weeks ago these companies really will be marching toward bankruptcy step one demand a 40 raise step two get a 100 pay cut because a company you work for goes bankrupt because it could not afford to pay you an extra 40 percent this is going to be an all-time example of around find out I feel bad for these people I mean not everybody understands actions have consequences or if they do they're only able to think one level deep yeah a lot more money give me more money I'm I'm striking you it's kind of like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic after it's hit the iceberg uh again we want to see American workers getting paid more but in industries that are struggling to be competitive and break even and make no mistake the entire Global Auto industry is going all electric it's a race to see who can get quality EVS to the market most quickly at a good price Tesla's done that a little better than any one here before Chinese are putting pressure on so the American automakers are going to need to get more efficient more quickly I just went through the gross margin numbers or the net margin numbers but when Tesla is at 12.9 percent in Gross margins GM Ford lagging quite a bit something's got to give here so I'm hoping that with the new battery production and so on other efficiencies GM and Ford can bring margins up and be competitive but they're going to have to kick into a higher gear sooner rather than later and the Chinese are coming notice Dave was saying he hopes that Ford GM Etc can start actually making money in okay bankrupt as we know hope is not a strategy but it's probably all they've got yeah well that's a thing you know Steve I had on a bull bear debate recently it was really about Tesla I'd love to ask you some poignant questions and if you could respond to them because I think that you know the first was Tesla the argument was Tesla makes batteries Tesla doesn't make batteries does Tesla make batteries yes or no have they made a battery spoiler alert yeah now if you guys don't recall I covered this supposed debate from Gordon Johnson who was demeaning insulting rude constantly interrupting Nicole claiming that Tesla does not make their own batteries saying that this was false Gordon the 4680 cell you know the one that was unveiled 2020 a battery invest today there are Vehicles driving around on roads today with 4680 battery cells produced and designed by Tesla in the vehicles so yes they make their own batteries it just so happens as they've told us they also need more batteries because they can't get their hands on enough so they're buying batteries from everyone they possibly can they've also passed on their designs the 4680 form factored to a bunch of third-party battery supplies gone hey guys make batteries in the same form factor we'll buy them thanks as many as you can make we'll take them so yes Tesla makes their own batteries and is actually manufacturing vehicles with those batteries in them they are also buying batteries from other suppliers because they can't get enough batteries there's a battery shortage they want to make more vehicles but they can't because batteries are the limiting factor shout out to the mustache himself there's not a black and white question here what they do is they partner with the catls the Panasonic uh and the LG chems of the world but increasingly they've taken battery production in-house they have a cost advantage over virtually everybody else except for the Chinese and that is part of the reason they have such high uh gross margins which is great news second they're the Masters it's selling OTA or over-the-air software Services that's great and third they lead the world in robotization so that's what's giving them the price Edge the Americans are going to have to keep up Chinese are coming quickly this Market's it is fascinating there's going to be a restructuring of the global auto market like we've never seen before just want to do a bit of translation there fascinating AKA extremely brutal and a restructuring of the Global Automotive Market means a ton of bankruptcies he's right by the way as I've said in the past the future of the Global Automotive market in terms of unit sales vehicle sold per year number one buy a mile Tesla number two three four five six seven eight nine and ten Chinese EV makers now look there's probably going to be one or two miraculous exceptions in the top ten that aren't Chinese eBay makes or Tesla but they will be miraculous and they will be exceptions the two companies are going to feel the most pain in their rectums will be Toyota and Volkswagen who today each sell in excess of 10 million units per year on a good year decade from now if they're still in business that's a big if they'll be lucky to sell a fraction of that number are you concerned about Tesla deliveries go going forward or market share when it comes to the other automakers particularly in China well absolutely look I'm an American I want to see American companies win whether it's Tesla GM or Ford right now here are the numbers Tesla has 21.7 of global EV market share and what it's with I personally expect Tesla's market share globally or Vehicles sold will be in the 20 range worst case it's probably about 20 best case could be 25 27 and in a very very bullish scenario it could be as high as maybe even a third of all vehicle sold and I know that sounds crazy but this isn't a feeling this is based on some thinking this has an unassailable lead in terms of costs period best tech period this ain't changing there's always going to be a number of consumers who want to be different or pathetic losers who want a virtually signal and whatever reason Elon bad Tesla bad I'm Different look at me I don't drive a Tesla because everyone else is cool story bro whatever but it is absolutely viable and realistic the Tesla in the future could have a third of the global auto market however I think even the worst case 20 plus percent done deal the real question I have what slice will number two have over the long term we've been hearing for a long time well the competition is coming hmm what's this doing on my screen let's read it in uscv sales no brand comes close to Tesla the first six months of 2023. Tesla outsold its next 19 Rivals combined by a wide margin the sales figures raised questions about the industry's ambitious EV investment plans so remember earlier how I was mentioning an invasion of Chinese EVS yeah they're going to be plugging the Gap this is just stunning visually I mean if you're just listening Audio Only please take a moment and let this sink in what the this is an absolute joke Tesla is almost outselling the second best-selling brand in the US in EVS ten to one Tesla 325 291 number two you know what I mean thirty four thousand nine hundred and forty three what a joke so saw this on X via Sawyer Merit some obnoxious responded rudely I might add the competition is coming is this guy's stealing my material and of course you guys and girls could not help yourself paging Stephen my crying my notifications on X were blowing up after this post I wonder why as we know the competition is coming all over itself not for Tesla what a farce again EVS are what matters every Auto Company in the world is going all electric byd at a fairly close second at 16.2 percent there's a huge drop to the other Chinese companies in Volkswagen so you've got to get EV production up and going you've got to do it profitably and byd is really right on Tesla's heels they make a good car low cost Chinese government subsidizing batteries that's going to be the real Smackdown but there's a lot of concern about whether people want to drive a Chinese car not just because they're a competitive country but because cars are now filled with iog devices and do you want a car that could be or frankly is listening to you I think a lot of people are going to think twice on that one yeah and meaning I know Tesla has a lofty valuation I mean we've had guests on who think it's worth 25 dollars basically which seems significantly an undervalue for a name like Tesla what kind of stocks do you think can have some upside potential in the world of Autos here or abroad well uh but I think there's three to look at right off the bat first let's get real on Tesla the most profitable Auto Company in the world growing 40 year over year they'll be over 100 billion this year they're trading at a seven or eight X multiple that's not bad for a company with numbers that look more like a tech company than an auto company give them credit can confirm I am giving tests the credit putting my money where my mouth is and buying my money I mean all of it and by where my math is I guess my math is on Tesla that sounds a bit weird anyway still buying with every spare Cent If you're looking at a bet in the auto market going forward I think you'd have to take a long and hard look at byd keep in mind they're not only a leader in the Chinese market the world's largest out of Market they're already selling a lot of vehicles in Europe South America Mexico Israel they're executed that is most certainly not a bet I would be making don't get me wrong byd do have scale they do have volume and they do have some compelling enough products that are selling since most of the shite on the market is unprofitable garbage that isn't selling they're certainly going to do some decent numbers the problem is they have paper-thin profit margins and they are still competing globally against what's that company called again the Tesla I mean I certainly wouldn't be betting on a vastly distant second place that has none of the potential upside that Tesla has that isn't pursuing any of the potential insane growth opportunities Tesla is you know the whole AI thing humanoid robots you get it right but hey that's just me BYU are probably going to make it but I just don't really understand why you'd be betting on a vastly vastly distant second place was that that you said you have to take a look at byd yeah Buffett likes likes okay I think is probably I think you've got to give a close look at Hyundai the Koreans have really jumped to the forehead Volkswagen those are the major competitors if you will Europe Korea China In fairness I do have to give credit to the Korean eBay makers as well making some progress again not a threat to Tesla but every time you hear me mention the Chinese EV Invasion and this for the sake of brevity I don't expand on that but what I really mean is the Chinese and Korean Eevee Invasion for the record it seems the Koreans are spinning an absolute ton on Advertising their electric vehicles they've been sponsoring in some cases the major sponsor of a bunch of sporting events in Australia I'm hearing from people because I don't watch the television but people that still do that they're seeing a lot of ads for their products as well hey why not Tesla can kick back while these other companies advertise the benefits of electric vehicles and then consumers who aren't Daft go and do some homework and after seeing an ad for Ikea decide to buy a Tesla I'll take it I see in the meantime the uaws strike any any big picture Trends whether people are trying to shop for a car or anything you want to add okay well look my advice to them is get this settled soon and you may feel like it's a victory to have higher wages and I'm all for it but at some point you've got to keep an eye on Gross margins and as you said whether it's cutting a senior executive staff or making assembly lines more efficient that's going to be the key to winning in the future today and here's one last fact for you Tesla can make their model Y in 10 hours that is compared to a Volkswagen that takes and Ford and GM closer to 30 hours to roll a car off the assembly line can anyone say you rest in peace we've got to put old world thinking behind us labor needs to understand this as well it's all going to be about robotization higher efficiency higher gross margins that's going to be the path to winning I just hope in American companies want to figure it out well we know one American company can figure it out slash already have Tesla as for the rest I would not be betting on it athletic greens 81 has given me a massive meaningful for Boost in energy allowing me to do a lot more every day including using my brain more and using my body more I highly recommend you guys and girls check it out athletic greens81 is an excellent way to fill in nutritional gaps it's got 75 high quality vitamins and minerals and Whole Foods Source nutrients plus prebiotics and probiotics and digestive enzymes and adaptogens to help you deal with stress plus if you click the link in the pinned comment or head to drink ag1.com SMR you can get yourself a one year free supply of vitamin D3 and K2 but don't take my word for it here's what some of you guys and girls have to say ag1 has changed my life I was as you describe treating myself like a circus ate like trash really exercised use alcohol as a stress crutch cannabis also ag1 is what gave me the kick in the ass got me back to the gym motivated me to do more for myself family my business Etc keep doing what you do now I know there's some 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a lot more with my friends and family and of course my work output has increased substantially and you can fact check me check out the average length of my videos I was posting to YouTube three years ago Neato say more and one final testimonial love this one okay here's the deal for me with this ag1 I'm 41 years old and not the type to eat drink smoke or sleep healthy so I was skeptical that being said here's what I experienced day one meh day two afternoon fatigue was about 45 minutes late day three zero afternoon fatigue day four zero afternoon fatigue plus extra energy day five again zero afternoon fatigue plus energy wondering what the really see this is the thing right there is also many people are just almost too good to be true this is the same experience I had my afternoon fatigue just finished out of nowhere I'm like wait what the why am I not tired in the afternoons anymore surely it's not that easy one is it turns out it was day six and seven same thing day eight same thing plus I had the want to get things done around the house that I normally would slack off and not get done again the point extra energy you'll need to use it you'll find ways to use it day 9 10 and 11 and today is day 12. I love it so however you manage to get me to buy it I'm so glad you did thank you so much SMR it really changed me so far guys this really works just try it by the way this is the reason I continue to relentlessly promote ag1 a lot of people get real mad in the comments oh my God Snicker little salmon sold out oh my God he's a scammer this is fraudible constantly I'm pretty sure everyone making these comments is also currently short Tesla stock I'm not particularly concerned about people having a negative perception those folks suffering from small brain syndrome still living in my bumps basement syndrome Etc writing mean comments claiming ag1 is a scam or it doesn't work I mean bro when I get feedback like this this is what keeps me going and remember there is a 90-day money-back guarantee there's nothing to lose here just try this stuff for a month and if you don't get these results get your money back see it's a literal no-brainer it's an IQ test at this point in time testimonial after testimonial after testimonial like this get your money back if it doesn't just try it for a month and if it doesn't work get your money back today's the day it's finally time be like this guy he was a massive skeptic but finally after a thousand promotions in a row caved in tried ag1 and has results like this head to drink ag1.com SMR or click the link in the pinned comment and please let me know how you're feeling in a few weeks time now if you'll excuse me time to put my extra energy to good use I'll be recording some more exclusive content for patreon and my Twitter subscribers so click the links to pin comment see you over on Twitter and or patreon and don't forget to grab your ag1 love you

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