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Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla has just shared a photo of what could be the final version of the Tesla cyber truck calling it the company's best creation yet this comes after Tesla's earlier announcement that they had finished building the first cyber truck at their gigafactory in Texas this announcement surprised many as previous reports had suggested that Tesla was aiming for release candidates of the Cyber truck in late August with production beginning in October however Tesla has clarified that they are already working on production candidate units these units likely represent the last design of the electric pickup truck that we've been seeing on American roads lately Elon Musk also shared a picture of himself driving one of these trucks at Giga Texas expressing his belief that this is Tesla's top achievement although he didn't elaborate much the picture gives a clear view of the Cyber truck's design the post has sparked excitement with people hopeful that Tesla will stick to its plan of revealing the truck by the end of the third quarter this unveiling showcases Tesla's dedication to Innovation and raises anticipation for the future of electric vehicles

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