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X will become the biggest platform in the world because once payment and merchandise has been included meaning you can go directly on the platform purchase your goods and services without having to be redirected to the Merchant's website once that is in place that will allow X to have the payment processing fees that's where the big money is sitting and ELO knows it very well because that's what he did with PayPal and then that will bring the resources to it to develop all the rest so what he's currently doing is advancing from his money from the 789 10 billion supplementary that he sold in 2022 on top of what he had to purchase the platform for he has injected that into that development to ensure that the platform will become the biggest I mean if there is one person that will make it happen it is Elon I do believe AI is going to help him it's going to cost him a bunch but the fact that AI is coming will make the whole development more solid and more diverse but yes there is no doubt in my mind that X will become the the biggest platform and that's why competitors like meta have tried with similar platforms so far to no avail but that they understand on the other sides that there is the potential to be overtaken

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