Elon Musk Sparks Controversy: Should Voting Rights Be Tied to Parenthood? (Video)

now for the real news Elon Musk is sort of controversy by suggesting the Boating rights should be tied to Parenthood in response to a Twitter thread discussing Islam in France musk claim that those without children should be stripped of the right to vote stating that the Chalice have little stake in the future his comments have sparked criticism with many deeming them undemocratic and exclusionary musk who has 10 children has previously expressed concerns about underpopulation and population collapse however limiting suffrage based on Parenthood raises concerns about discrimination and fairness birth rates have been declining for years and the pandemic has exacerbated the trend governments facing the challenge of addressing this issue but taking away the right to vote from The Chalice is unlikely to be a popular solution most views have ignited the debate on voting rights and population control with questions regarding feasibility and morality get the full story by tapping the link in our bio now here's my hot take Elon Musk the billionaire with out of this world ideas is added again this time he's suggesting that if you don't have kids you shouldn't have the right to vote talk about a shocker there and didn't see that one coming according to Mas the childless have little stake in our future and democracy might need to limit suffrage to parents to solve the so-called procreation problem well thanks for the parenting tips Elon but last time I checked voting rights weren't handed out based on diaper changing skills now I get it musk is worried about underpopulation and the collapse of civilization but stripping away the right to vote from those without kids that's like saying only chefs can have an opinion on food sorry Elon but voting rights are not up for grabs like a limited edition Tesla and let's not forget that musk himself has a small army of 10 children talk about practicing what you preach maybe he's hoping his kids will form a voting block and take over the world someday world domination one musk at a time but here's the thing voting rights are the fundamental human right they shouldn't be tied to how many little ones you have running around that's undemocratic and exclusionary we don't need a parenting test to decide who gets to say in our democracy sure population decline is a concern but let's find solutions that don't involve playing the you can't vote because you don't have kids card let's encourage policies that support families and address the underlying reasons for declining birth rates so Elon while your ideas may be as Innovative as a rocket launch this one misses the mark voting rights should not be based on citizenship should be based on citizenship and not Parenthood status let's focus on preserving our republics and leaving the diaper changing debates for another day that's my take what about yours drop a comment below here's a solution to Weight Management our sponsors keto powder Boost energy wellness and Metabolism visit ketowithgary.com now for 51 often bonuses click more below thanks for watching congratulations you made it to the end of the video now keep up your quest for truth with this next news report and if you found our Channel enlightening join the millions who agree with you tap subscribe thank you for watching the next News Network