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pivoting something a bit more interesting in my world uh Elon Musk you didn't like our discussion no I we I think we could keep talking about it more and more and I know Elon Musk is has also has his uh past with the Saudis as well in terms of taking his company private so it's a good way to connect yeah yeah yeah 420 love it um so my study could be open to licensing some of Tesla's self-driving features this after uh gmco Mary said that it would be hard to find uh cheap EVS in the 30 to 40 000 range profitable by the end of the decade even maybe even beyond that so Moss said hey you know uh we've been we'll do whatever it helps to make Eevee adoption come on here we'll license our technology for FSD we'll do things like that we've already opened up the supercharger Network you know uh so musk you know says he's very charitable here but you know they're licensing that technology they want to make money out they want to keep the data on that the only first question was in this do you want to license this technology if you're a competitor when you consider the problems that autopilot has had right right do you want that technology integrated I mean FSD right for all it's it's issues it has been improving slightly but it's still under full and it's an investigation for safety right this is not this is a a kind of a a software that has a kind of a cloud around it uh and of course must says well we'll license you we'll take the money I mean it is interesting I think that speaks to sort of how Elon Musk has evolved around this we talked about the recent partnership with four he's sort of opening things up because the competition is increasing right and there are other channels for revenue is that is that the way to look at it I mean it's a pure I'm such a good guy balloon makes some money off you too right that's the way I see it or is it also just the fact that maybe Tesla is in a little bit more trouble on the demand side of things than many have really taken into account or realized at this point we know their profit margins have been under pressure have been under pressure now for a couple months as musk has lowered the price of their EVS in order to entice some of those buyers so now he's exploring even more Avenues new avenues here of Revenue I don't know because I wonder how much they been looking into this all along right and when you think about what the value prop has sort of been for Tesla from the beginning would be that they were the initial runner in the EV space and then people are going to want to buy their Tech they're going to want to use their Chargers they're going to want their battery packs so sort of creating that overall EV world and maybe they've been operating like that all along and musk just I feel like sometimes when must tweets these things he just wants you to remember that it's a possibility it's like hey we could sell this by the way I do wonder you know the other consideration and it'd be curious to get your thoughts is that it is such a crowded space so we're focused on Elon Musk because Tesla has been the leader in the space But at the end of the day does there need to be more collaboration because the question for long has been can all these car companies survive anyway is there a way to improve the technology bring down the cost and does that require more collaboration I think it was a Doug field former Apple engineer now at Fort said this is going to be the hardest problem in our generation to solve is autonomous driving so it is a big issue that maybe multiple companies have come together to support to figure out but if you're Tesla you're loving it you love to license this technology I mean they want to have 80 margins on that what better way to do that and have another company is pay for your technology so I think that it's a pie in the sky I think for him to think that GM would want to pay for that um but we did we saw Ford they shut down Argo they would be another potential partner there for for that so we'll see

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