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well Elon Musk versus Mark Zuckerberg yes we are talking about the summer rivalry that has reached its next level musk tweeting this morning that they spoke to the prime minister of Italy in the minister of culture to hold the bra between these Executives in Italy musk says the event will be live streamed on meta NX of course Mark Zuckerberg responded with a post on thread saying he's ready to go whenever Elon is ready Shawna am I the only one that thinks this is just some unnecessary Sideshow I mean we're talking about it right we're talking about it and we've been talking about it now for what two months when did he first announce it back in June I think it was maybe earlier this summer it's fair to say they're just trying to drum up some excitement I think musk is doing all he can to get now Twitter then Twitter now X at the Forefront in conversations using this as a publicity stunt I'm with you I think there's about a one percent chance that this happens in general probably less than that the fact that it could potentially happen in Italy but I guess he's doing what he wants to do right we're talking about it we talked about it numerous times and there are a lot of people talking about it on social media on X speculating I guess who's going to win this fight if in fact we do see it I've got Zuckerberg if it comes down to that I I am with you I'm with you he trains regularly I think right I don't know I follow him on Instagram he's posted photos of him training I would put my money on Mark Zuckerberg but at the end of the day I think these two have enough to worry about with their businesses now we did go out to the streets of New York City to ask people who they would pick in the fight here's what they had to say [Music] I think they will both fold in five seconds I don't I feel like Mark would bring some moves but in the end Elon would beat him it may be wise to have some sort of contingency plan I'll take Yvonne no need to rush you know look what's the hurry definitely Marty Zuckerberg he seems like someone who would go a little crazy and beat Elon Musk up and Elon Musk is like all talk it would be embarrassing for him I think that's got to be true I think Mark may have the skills I do think it's going to be very interesting to see how this plays out I'll put my money on Elon though because I feel like he's a little crazier oh wait a second that's the exact opposite people say that Mark Zuckerberg actually does like some form of martial arts I like Jiu Jitsu I also really like MMA we have like a mini Academy in my garage so I guess my money's on him it's awesome I got like a ton of my friends into it I don't care I think Elon Musk probably you know hopefully this can serve as an inspiration for excitement about the future I think if they both manage to kill each other the world would win [Music] we will see whether or not that fight ever takes place

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