Elon Musk warns AI could constrain humanity’s growth (Video)

Elon Musk is issuing a stark warning about the technology speaking at the Wall Street Journal CEO Summit Tesla CEO said quote there is a risk that advanced AI either eliminates or constrains Humanity's growth Yahoo finance is Pros subramanian joins us now with the details for us yeah a little bit of a dire warning there I mean eliminate he's made them before yeah right but but eliminate or constrain Humanities growth I think it's sort of stuck out in a lot of people's minds but um you know he followed up on that later talking about how he thought there was possibly an unbeknown scenario with AI again he said that it's there's a non-zero chance that it could go full Terminator on us Cameron film so you know he's he's talking about these things but also said hey it's possible that it might think that Humanity needs to be protected against itself so it'll take control of all the systems all technology weapons and things like that right so he says these things very very a stark warning but then he's still investing in AI right he's talking about how there needs to be a third horse in the race between Microsoft and open AI Google bard and someone else and he thinks it should be xai his new startup yeah of course he does right he said there's new some news will be coming on like he said he teased some news said that uh possibility of them working with Twitter and Tesla his other portfolio companies in some fashion and he also mentioned that Tesla is still working full steam in AI with with FSD going to be powered by end-to-end neural network AI so there's he's still working in that world and he's still talking about that so it's kind of like saying one thing and saying another at the same time but uh so the headlines are that constraining Humanities growth and things like that so the stuff that he's working on right um does you know I'm getting sort of like only I can fix it Vibes right is he saying that he hit whatever AI projects he's working on would address these AI takeover domination concerns I think implicitly he's saying I won't be the one that will make AI come after us if I you know for sure use that technology but he did say that there should be an Insight committee and not oversight an inside committee that's formed of experts and government officials that meet from time to time to look at the progress of AI and then can give recommendations to people to governments to possibly regulate not that he wants that group to regulate but you want them to give recommendations so that's his sort of solution for how to be Tamp down AI is possible over expansion into our lives and possibly you know changing our lives I wonder if he and Ron DeSantis will talk about AI tonight I don't know but it does remind me of what the Godfather of ai's comments were when he left Google and was commenting on you know the potential dangers but you know the act the criticism then was why didn't you comment before yeah well he was getting a paycheck okay thanks Ross appreciate it