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[Music] Elon Musk is continuing his career-long fascination with the letter X as he announces a dramatic rebranding of Twitter musk's affinity for the letter in both his professional and personal life has been growing for 25 years though he has rarely ever given a reason one of the musk's first Ventures was known as x.com first launched by musk as an Online Banking and Financial Services platform in 1999. a year later he was forced to step down from his role as CEO of the firm three years later he made 165 million dollars when the site by then merged with PayPal was bought by eBay musk would later buy the domainx.com back from PayPal in 2017. that site now directs people to Twitter that domain was musk's first major use of letter X but not his last three two one save his full power musk is also the founder and CEO of SpaceX which is formerly known as space exploration Technologies Corporation Tesla where musk is CEO sells the model X which went on Commercial sale in 2016. the car a mid-size luxury crossover SUV is recognizable by its Falcon dose musk also infamously brought the letter into his first life giving his son a letter as a nickname mosque and his former partner the musician Grimes raised eyebrows in May 2020 when they revealed the name of the newborn son xae a12 the billionaire is said to have given the little boy three the nickname X for short how will this X Factor now impact Twitter and his future only Elon Musk knows [Music] if you like the video do like comment share and subscribe

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