Elon Musk’s Tesla Leases Space In Pune For First India Office (Video)

so it's final the news is out and in open domain electric vehicle giant Tesla is going to have its first office in India's Pune City this is pune's euroda area and behind me you can see punch Shield Tech Park in this Tech Park in bibing Tesla has leased out an office space of about 6 000 square feet the space in Pune has been leased out for a period of five years with a rent of about rupees 11.65 lakh per month with a clause of 5 Hike every year now this is the posh y Tech Park which is situated in pune's year of diarrhea this Tech Park is having about 15 lakh square feet of commercial offices that has many reputed multinational companies software companies having their corporate as well as other offices over here Tesla once it starts its manufacturing unit in India will have its first display office over here on the first floor corporate office on the ground floor there will be a display section so it's final that Tesla the electric vehicle giant owned by Elon Musk is having its first office for India today [Music] if you like the video do like comment share and subscribe