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what is the next price target of ethereum coin today we will discuss the next price target of ethereum coin because you can see here 1804 uh USD video was the current price of ethereum and definitely my friends a huge pump we will receive my friends from last 24 hour but right now it was stuck from this resistance line uh so definitely my friend if I see a breakout I will inform you I will tell you in this time to which which time you need to take an entry in Long position in which time you need to out from this trade okay guys remember if you are new my channel must join my telegram group because my weather I will provide VIP signal free of cost and also we have premium group available now so join the link is in the description must join now you will get unlimited crazy signal you can see here this time ethereum coin price was completely pumps up my weather and absolutely this time we will take a Buy Signal here now so I recommend you if you are in ethereum long I think it will be gonna good now you are in good position and hold now I'm sure mother the ethereum will be reached out to 19 219 air sorry 1920 to 19 40. this was the easily Target okay it will be reach out thanks for watching ethereum coin holders hope you enjoy video please like subscribe and join to the ground

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