EV charger firms oppose Texas plan for Tesla chargers | World Business Watch | Latest News | WION (Video)

and EV maker Tesla's Ambitions to make its charging technology a standard across the United States has hit a roadblock in the U.S state of Texas a report accessed by Reuters shows several EV charger makers opposed the Texas Plan seeking them to include Tesla's charging technology as well as the combined charging standard that CCS technology to Electrify highways in the U.S state these EV charging companies have called the plan premature five EV charging companies and a clean energy Association have written to the Texas Transportation Commission they've called for more time to re-engineer and test Tesla's connectors according to these firms more time is needed to properly standardize test and clarify the safety and interoperability of Tesla connectors charging companies have also to rework the several aspects of connect connectors here including extending the cable length ensuring adequate temperature range and getting certifications for specific parts sources say some of these organizations are planning to reach out to the federal government with this issue soon Tesla has scored a string of Victories for its charging technology in recent weeks Ford Motors General Motors River and automotive and many other Auto and charging companies have adopted Tesla's charging technology Tesla supercharges account for about 60 percent of the total number of fast charges in the United States the latest deal will allow non-tesla users to use the company's large charging network but concerns remain about how smoothly the two charging standards would talk to each other and whether having both standards in the market would raise the costs for vendors and customers vion is now available in your country download the app now get all the news on the move